​​​​​Contact Profile Overview

To navigate to the profile page of a contact:

  1. Select the Contacts module from the left navigation panel.

  2. From the Contact Directory page, select the specific contact to view their profile page.



The layout of a contact’s profile consists of an Action button, 4 tabs, and easy access to set the contact as the “Primary Contact” for their associated Employer.



  • The Basics tabOffers general information about the contact.
  • The Activities tab: An overview of the contact’s Notes, Tasks, and Meetings.To learn more about the Activities tab, click here.
  • The Notes tab: Notes added to the contact record are stored here. To learn more about the Notes tab, click here.
  • The Emails Tab: Stores all of the emails that have been sent to the contact through the 12Twenty platform. 



Admins can use the Action button located on the top right of a contact’s profile page to perform the following:




  • +Note: For information on how to add a Note, click here.
  • +Task: For information on how to add a Task, click here.
  • +Meeting: For information on recording a Meeting, click here.
  • Edit: To edit the contact’s information, select “Edit”. On the new window that appears, edit the desired fields and select “Save”.




  • Reject: To learn more about rejecting a contact, click here.
  • Delete: To delete a contact and its associated data (notes, tasks, and meetings) select “Delete”. On the new window that appears select “Delete Contact” to confirm.

  • Please use caution when deleting contacts, as this action is irreversible.


 To select a contact as the Primary Contact for their employer, check the box next to “Primary” on the contact’s profile page.


Pro Tip: To email only the primary contacts in the Contact Directory, use the "Primary Contact = Yes"  filter to display all primary contacts. Then select the Action button, and “Email Contacts in Results”.

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