University Admins - How to Classify a "Former" Contact

This article is intended for use by University Admins (Career Center Users). Use this article to reassign current contacts as former contacts.


If a contact is no longer working for an Employer they were previously associated with, simply edit their profile to update their Employer to remove their active association. (To learn how to edit a contact’s information, click here.) Their new Employer will be reflected on the contact’s profile page, and their previous Employer will be listed under “Employer History”. The contact will also appear under "Former Contacts" on the Employer Company Profile page for their previous Employer. 

  • For example: John Adams was the Senior Manager at JP Nelson.

  • John Adams moved on from JP Nelson to work as the Senior Manager for ABC Company. Accordingly, an admin user edits and updates the contact’s Employer information. John Adams will now be listed as the Senior Manager for ABC Company and JP Nelson will be included in his Employer History on his profile page:

If a contact has retired or otherwise left their previous Employer, and you do not have a new Employer to associate them with, you can elect to create an Employer called "Former (School Name) Contacts" so that you have a placeholder company to associate all former school contacts with, which will also allow you to keep track of who was formerly associated with which Employers.


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