Multiple Enrollment

This article will cover the Multiple Enrollment functionality, including best practices, how to create linked accounts, and the resulting student experience.



When to use multiple enrollment

The multiple enrollment functionality allows admins to create secondary accounts for students that have completed one degree and have returned to earn another degree. If your 12twenty platform services both of the degrees, i.e. an account already exists for this student and a new record is needed for their second degree on your platform, then the multiple enrollment solution is a good fit.

Here are a few examples for when this functionality is appropriate to utilize:

  • A student has completed a bachelor's degree and is returning to complete an MBA program
  • A student has completed a J.D. and is returning to complete an LLM program
  • A student has completed a bachelor's degree and is returning to complete a graduate program such as a Ph.D, or another bachelor's degree

Here are a few examples for when this functionality is not recommended, as these scenarios can be easily handled with a single student account:

  • A student is enrolled in a joint degree program, such as a 4+1 Bachelor's/MBA combined 5 year program
  • A student is a double major, e.g. they are majoring in Economics & Finance


How to create a multiple enrollment linked account

There are three methods to create a student account in 12twenty: manually creating a single account, bulk uploading new accounts via the Data Upload Tool, and sending a successful POST request via the API service. When a student is returning to complete a secondary degree, follow the steps below to create their second account and automatically link it back to their existing account.

In all methods, at least one (or more) of the following standard student attributes must match between the second account you are creating and the existing account for the link to be successful:

Student ID  and/or  Single Sign-On ID  and/or  Email Address


Manual Account Creation

  1. Confirm the student has an existing account on your platform relating to the degree they have completed
  2. Navigate to the Manage Student Users page and select Add New Student
  3. Fill out the student account information, and ensure that the Student ID and/or Single Sign-On ID and/or Email Address entered is an exact match with the student's existing account
  4. Toggle the Multiple Enrollment field to Yes
  5. Select Save to create the secondary linked account


Bulk Upload Tool

  1. From the left hand navigation panel, select Site Management > Data Uploads
  2. Download a fresh Student upload template
  3. On the .csv template, fill in the information for the students you are uploading
  4. For any students that are returning to complete a secondary degree, set the Multiple Enrollment Linked Account column value to 'Yes' for that row
  5. On the Data Upload page, select New Upload and continue through the typical new data upload flow
  6. Upon successful upload, students that have been created as secondary linked accounts will display with their original account listed as well



  1. Send a GET request to the Students endpoint to retrieve a student's existing account
  2. Take note of the existing student's "Id" (their 12twenty ID)
  3. Send a POST request to the Students endpoint to create a secondary linked account, and include the following additional properties in the body of your request
    • IsMultipleEnrollmentLinkedAccount: true
    • MultipleEnrollmentLinkedAccountUserId: [12twenty id of the student's existing account]
  • "IsMultipleEnrollmentLinkedAccount": true,
    "MultipleEnrollmentLinkedAccountUserId": 1234567891011,


Student Experience

Students & alumni who have multiple linked accounts will continue to use their existing password from their earliest account to login to 12twenty. If they need to reset their password, resetting the password for any account will reset the password for all linked accounts. If they are using Single Sign-On to login to the platform, they will continue to log in using SSO.


After login, students are directed to the account selection page. Only accounts they have access to, per your platform settings, are available to select from. Once logged into a unique account, the 12twenty experience will respect their account's user role, assigned student groups, and all relevant platform configurations.



To switch accounts, students can navigate back to the account selection page by selecting their name from the bottom left hand corner and choosing 'Switch Accounts'.



Admin Experience

Student Profile

At the top of student profiles, a new "Multiple Linked Accounts" badge will show when students are linked to another account. Select the badge to easily jump to the other profiles.


Student Directory, Custom Reports

Multiple enrollment linked accounts will display as two separate accounts in the system. When navigating the Student Directory or Custom Reports, multiple linked accounts may display when searching for students. Admins should take special care to use Program or Major/Degree Level, Graduation Year, and Student Group filters to ensure their results only include the relevant linked student's account.

A new Multiple Enrollment Linked Account filter allows you to search for all accounts that are tied to another account.


Standard Reports

For standard reports (e.g. NACE, ABA/NALP, or MBA CSEA), it is unlikely a student will be represented more than once since every standard report is typically generated by specifying a graduation year. As such, only one of a student's multiple linked accounts should be represented for each report generated.



  • Can I create more than two linked accounts for a single student? 
    • Yes, you can create a third linked account if a student has returned to complete a third (or fourth!) degree.
  • Do students manage a separate password for each linked account?
    • No, students manage a single password for all accounts. If they already have a password, they may continue to use that password for their new linked account. If students utilize Single Sign-On, they will use their SSO credentials to log into all of their linked accounts.
  • Do multiple enrollment linked accounts share a 12twenty ID?
    • No, each student account in your system has a unique 12twenty ID. This ensures each student has a unique identifier they can be identified with, and allows the system to differentiate between multiple linked accounts created for a single student user.
  • Can I use multiple enrollment to link accounts that are already in 12twenty?
    • No, two (or more) existing student accounts cannot be linked via multiple enrollment. Only a record that is being created can be marked as multiple enrollment and be linked to an existing 12twenty student account. 



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