Archiving Inactive Employer Contacts & Users

12twenty has two functioning pieces for Employer Contacts 1) the “Contact Profile” record which acts as a CRM record for your internal usage and 2) the “Employer User” record for Contacts that log in to use your /hire portal for recruiting activities.  

For Contacts that are also Employer Users, you will be able to see the “Employer Account Information” details at the bottom of their Contact Profile.


Options for Archiving Contact Profile Records

Note: These actions do not disable the Employer User or their access to the system. This would need to be done at the “Employer User” level.

Change the Contact’s Employer Name to “Inactive”

  • Create a new Employer record called “Inactive” 

  • Edit the Contact Profile record so that they are tagged to the new employer record called “Inactive” (can be done via a Bulk Update)

  • Set Contact Visibility = “Myself and All Career Advisors” so this contact is hidden from student view (can be done via a Bulk Update)


  • This will allow you to keep the original Contact data you have collected

  • You can easily filter for / find Contacts who are currently “Inactive” by searching for “Employer Name = Inactive” in your directories

  • The Contact will still remain linked to their previous Employer record as a “Former Contact” and the Contact will appear tagged as “Inactive” in the “Former Contact” list

  • You can reactivate Contacts by changing their “Employer Name” to their new Employer name once they come back to work with your team


Add a custom Attribute for “Inactive / Do Not Email” on Contact Profile

  • Add a custom attribute called “Inactive” or “Do not email” to the Contact Profile

  • Update this custom attribute on the Contact Profile(can be done via a Bulk Update)

  • Set Contact Visibility = Myself and All Career Advisors (can be done via a Bulk Update)



  • This can be done in addition to #1 above or as a standalone action to manage inactive contacts.

  • If this is done separately from #1, the Contact record will remain connected to their original Employer record

  • You can “filter” for this data on the Contact Directory so that you are able to exclude “inactive or do not email” contacts from your email outreach.

Reject the Contact record

  • “Rejecting” the Contact Profile will remove the record from being visible in your Contact Directory for both admin and students (can be done via a Bulk Update)



  • This will move the Contact into rejected status and will allow you to find them if you add the filter “Approval Status = Rejected” on the Contact Directory

  • This will freeze the Contact data in case you want to “approve” them back into your Directory in the future.


Delete the Contact Record

  • If you don’t need to keep any of the data associated with a Contact you can delete the Contact from your Directory (this will delete all meetings, notes, tasks)



Options for Archiving Inactive Employer User Records

Disable Employer Access to the Platform

  • Site Management → Manage Users → Employer Users → Select an Employer user from the list

  • Toggle the Access Permission called:  “User Can Access YOUR SITE” to “Off”


  • This will prevent them from being able to log in to use your 12twenty platform

  • If the employer attempts to log in they will see a message that says “You do not have access to this site.”


Remove/Limit Employer Access Levels to your System

  • Create a new Employer User Role with limited access to the system (for example: Denied Access Role)

  • Edit the Employer User’s “User Role” to this new option

  • This will still allow the user to continue to access your site, but only to certain tools. 

  • You can create and edit user role permissions by going to your Site Management - Manage Users - Employer User Roles - Click on “Add New User Role” or select the three dots next to any existing user role to edit the permissions of that role.


  • Allows the Employer User to login to your platform with limited access and gives them the ability to update their Account information in the future


Delete Employer Users

  • You can email with the email address of the Employer User you would like to have deleted from your system. 



  • All data for this employer user and accompanying activity will be completely removed from your system.


Reviving a Contact

  1. Reverse any of the steps above

    1. Change their Employer Name 

    2. Update data for your custom attribute

    3. Add a new Contact Record with their updated information

    4. Ask the employer to sign up as a new user with their new contact information and approve the new contact record into your system

    5. Re-enable access permission for an existing employer user account

    6. Update the “User Role” for the existing employer user account

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