Multi School Interviews


New for Fall 2023, employers now have the ability to create an interview schedule that spans candidates from multiple schools, via the 12twenty employer portal.



Multi school interviews are essentially a standard job posting, with an employer managed schedule attached, which is a big deal for schools looking for more insight into recruiting that happens outside of 12twenty.

During the pandemic many employers began to conduct their own virtual interviews outside of the system. While some employers have returned to on-campus interviews or a hybrid model, many continue to conduct all of their interviews virtually, and post a standard job posting to your site instance instead of registering for interviews/OCI.

By providing employers with the ability to create an interview schedule that spans candidates from multiple schools, the employer can more easily recruit across schools on 12twenty, and the career center gains insight into the interview process (and the outcome of the interview), something that was previously unavailable with a standard job posting.


How It Works

When a multi-school interview is requested, you will see a notification appear on your site instance under "12twenty Interviews":



On the interview detail page, approving the interview is as simple as approving a regular 12twenty Job Listing, except sometimes an employer will ask you to provide them with an interview date, and you'll also have the ability to optionally associate the interview with an OCI Round:



OCI Round - By specifying an "OCI/Interview Round", students will be able to find the multi school interview when filtering for interviews by "OCI Round."

Interview Date - When the "Interview Date" fields appear, the employer is essentially asking you, the career center, to recommend an interview date, just like you would for a normal Interview/OCI. When this field is not present, the employer will select their own interview date.

Eligibility - While optional, we recommend setting the eligibility on the job posting to ensure that the employer receives applicants within their target cohort.


After approving the job posting, the opportunity will be available to students, and the schedule will be entirely managed by the employer, while still providing the career center the ability to access it.



Is there is scheduling component for multi school interviews? Who is responsible for creating/managing the schedule?

Multi school interviews are exclusively "company-managed" virtual interviews. As a career center, you will have access to see the schedule and the outcome of the interview. The employer is responsible for creating the interview schedule. The school is responsible for approving it and completing the fields within the "Additional Information" section.


How are multi school interviews identifiable in reports?

To identify multi school interviews, use the "Is Multi School Interview" filter in custom reports. This filter can also be used on the Job Listings page.


I don't see an interview date yet for a multi school interview request, when will it be added?

If the employer has elected to select their own interview dates, the interview date may not yet be selected, but will be at a later time. You are always welcome to reach out to the employer to ask for this information, or wait until they select a date later on.


Is there an employer decision deadline?

Unlike OCI/Interviews, there is no hard deadline by which the employer needs to make an interview decision. Multi school interviews have 2 dates - Application Deadline, and Interview Date.


Will students receive notifications when an employer makes their interview decision?

Yes, students will receive the same notifications they receive today via the platform when an employer makes their interview decision.


I still have some questions about multi school interviews, who should I contact?

Great! We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to 

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