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If you would like automatic system-generated email notifications to be sent for a particular period within your OCI, you may control this for all OCI rounds that include the period. OCI period notifications can be configured for: Employers, Student Applicants, or Students with accepted interviews.

If you would like to change the OCI Notifications of an OCI Period that is being used in active or already built future OCI Rounds, please use these instructions in conjunction with the Editing an OCI Period Being Used in an Active OCI Round resource.


How to Add OCI Period Notifications

  1. Select Site Management from the left-side navigation, and select Site Settings from the drop-down menu

  2. Under Career Services Management, select OCI and Job Listings

  3. In the OCI Period Configuration section, locate the OCI period you’re looking to configure notifications and select the ellipsis button to the right, clicking on Edit

  4. A popup modal will display all of the selected OCI period’s settings. Notifications can be controlled under the Notifications section at the bottom

  5. To add an OCI period notification, select +Add an OCI Period Notification

  6. Select who should receive a notification (Employers, Student Applicants, or Students with Accepted Interviews) as well as how many hours before or after the period’s start or end

  7. Period notifications may be layered, to allow you to notify several constituents or send multiple emails for the period


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