OCI (On-Campus Interviews) Overview


General OCI Site Settings

Setting Up OCI Periods

Setting Up an OCI Round

Employer Registration

Reviewing Scheduling Requests and Setting up Schedules + Rooms

Student Application Period

Employer Decision Period

Bulk Actions in OCI Management

Student Pre-Select Decision Period

Finalizing Schedule


General OCI Site Settings


To begin managing the OCI Process, configure the general settings for OCIs, and then create OCI Periods and an OCI Round.


Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of managing the General Settings for OCIs. You must be a School Admin to manage settings.


  1. To begin, select Settings from the left side navigation and select Site Settings. From the Site Settings page select OCI and Job Listings settings under the Career Services Management section.


  1. Add a Career Center Contact to ensure that 12Twenty displays the appropriate contact information for students and employers participating in an OCI. 

  2. Decide whether or not Employers can register for OCI and post jobs by checking or unchecking the corresponding box.

  3. You can also prohibit specific graduating classes from accessing the Job Posting Page by selecting the specific program and Graduation Class from the drop down menus and unchecking the corresponding box (NOTE: all students default to being able to access the Job Posting Page unless unchecked). 

  4. Edit the default list of necessary application documents that will populate for all Job/OCI Postings. Resumes are the only application document that cannot be deleted (NOTE: you can control Application Documents and their requirements on every individual posting-by-posting basis).
    Macintosh HD:Users:KevinStack:Desktop:ss140.png

  5. To standardize the start times of all OCI Job Postings or non-OCI Job Postings, fill in the highlighted blanks below with the desired times of day. If you want each job to be posted at 6AM input 6AM in the start time blank. You can choose if an employer can edit those times by checking yes or no underneath the highlighted blanks. 

  6. To have a standardized buffer time between Interview Slots, fill in the corresponding box with the amount of time desired between each Interview. 

  7. If you allow your students to request to Swap Interview Time Slots with other students, fill in the corresponding blank to determine how many hours until unanswered requests expire.

  8. To provide guidance text on several of the OCI and Job Listing Module pages, select the section you want to configure from the drop down menu, and input your desired text.

  9. To allow employers to see OCI Job Applications before the application deadline, check the corresponding box below.

  10. To enable email notifications to the Career Center Contact if a student withdraws from an OCI, check the corresponding box below.

  11. To require Career Center approval of edits made by an employer to an OCI Job Posting that has already been approved, check of the corresponding box below. 

  12. To allow employers to review non-OCI Job Applications before the application deadline, check the corresponding box below.

  13. To hide student OCI interview decisions from employers, check the corresponding box below.





Setting Up OCI Periods


Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create OCI Periods. You must be a School Admin to manage OCI Periods.


  1. Once you have managed the General OCI Settings, navigate to the bottom of the General tab under the OCI and Job Listings Settings page of your Site Settings. Under the OCI Period Configuration section, select Add New OCI Period and +Custom OCI Period.


  1. A window will appear in which you can customize and configure an OCI Period to be used in your OCI Round(s). Begin by naming the period (example = “Student Application Period”). Then choose a help text that will appear when you choose this round to be used in an OCI Round (example = “This period allows students to apply for an OCI”). Choose a display index for this period. The display index corresponds to the period’s position whenever you see it as part of a complete list of OCI Periods. We recommend assigning each OCI Period a display index in multiples of 10 (e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc.).






  1. Below is a table that outlines each permission and it’s corresponding purpose. To turn a permission on, toggle the “Off” button so that it displays as “On” in green. 





Allow students to apply

Allows students to apply for an OCI interview

Allow students to accept interview offers

Allows students to accept or decline an interview offer from an employer

Allow students to withdraw interview decisions

Allows students to withdraw their interview decision (after they have accepted it)

Allow students who have accepted an interview to select their own slots

Allows students to both select their own time slot, and request a time slot swap with another student.

Allow any applicant to sign up for un-assigned interview slots

Allows students to sign up for open interview slots not filled by the employer

Allow employers to register for OCI

Allows employers to register for OCI for the given round

Allow employers to decide on interview decisions

Allows employers to make their interview decision on applicants -- either to extend an interview, decline an interview or waitlist the applicant.

OCI period is "Locked" period

Allows for no activity by employers or students.



  1. Under Visibility, choose who can see this OCI Period.



Hide period from employers

Hides this period from employer view. This can be overridden by admins in an individual OCI by editing the job posting and overriding the visibility of the period.

Hide period from students

Hides the period from student view. This can be overridden by admins in an individual OCI by editing the job posting and overriding the visibility of the period.



  1. Under Notifications, select + Add an OCI Period Notification to notify “employers,” “student applicants,” or “students with accepted interviews” of the start or end of the OCI Period (example = notify employers 1 hour before start of Student Application Period). You are able to add multiple notifications per OCI Period.

  1. Select Save to save this OCI Period. Return to Step #1 and repeat this process until all OCI Periods are created and ready to be used for an OCI.

  2. Please also feel free to use our OCI Period templates, by selecting the Add New OCI Period button and choosing Add OCI Period From Template.

  3. To edit an OCI Period, select the ellipses next to an OCI Period and select Edit. Please note that editing an OCI Period that is already being used in an OCI Round will not affect the OCI Round. To update the rules of an OCI Period and have those changes take effect for an existing OCI Round, edit the OCI Period and then delete and re-add the OCI Period to the OCI Round.




Setting Up an OCI Round 


Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create an OCI Round. You must be a School Admin to manage OCI Rounds.


  1. Once you have managed the General OCI Settings and set up your OCI Periods, navigate to the OCI Settings tab and select + New OCI Round to begin setting up and configuring your OCI Round session.

  2. Enter a name for your OCI Round. 

  3. Decide if students can decline interviews as well as any maximums for applications or interviews. Please note: If your OCI Round includes a withdrawal period, you will then be prompted to complete the "Number of Hours before an interview a student can withdraw an interview decision". If your OCI Round does not contain a period where withdrawal is enabled, you will not need to complete this setting. 

  4. Decide if the interview schedule should be automatically released to students and employers at the end of the OCI Round timeline. Please use caution using this feature as the schedule will be released regardless of whether or not the schedule is complete.

  5. To input the periods of this OCI Round, select + Add OCI Period to customize the list of Periods and their start and end times. You can customize the list of periods and the periods themselves. (To create or edit an OCI Period, navigate back to the General Tab and scroll down to OCI Period Configuration.)


  1. Once you have input the relevant OCI periods, you can see the rules of each period by hovering over the question mark next to each period.

  1. Before selecting Save Changes, you may choose to limit the dates Employers can request for interviews during this OCI Round under Interview Dates.




Employer Registration

  1. After  logging in / signing up, your employer will land on their home page, where they can then select + Register under Register for OCI.

  2. On the Register for OCI Page an employer can input information about the job opportunity including their employer name, the job phase they are targeting (if applicable), and the recruiting year the OCI is designed for (if applicable). During this time Employers will see the OCI Round you created in the OCI Round drop down menu only if they are registering during a period where Employer Registration is active.

  3. The employer can then provide their first choice for the date and start time of the interview. Second and third choices are optional. If, during your OCI Round setup, you indicated specific dates for employer interview selection, these will be the only dates eligible for selection by Employers.

  4. Employers will also indicate how many Rooms and Interview Slots they need and how long the interviews will be. They can also indicate if they want to have a company presentation or if they want to hold office hours on campus.

    Macintosh HD:Users:KevinStack:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.06.05 AM.png

  5. Finally, your employer selects Next to submit their OCI Registration for approval by an admin, and then selects +Post a Job to create their Job Posting. In the first portion of the Job Posting Page your Employer communicates what kind of job they’ll be interviewing for, application materials, basic information about their company and the position they’re interviewing for, as well as the Primary Job Contact’s information. Before submitting for approval, the Employer is able to choose the application documents they would prefer from students in the Application Document Requirements section.



  1. Once the employer has completed this form, they can submit the job posting for your approval.




Reviewing Scheduling Requests and Setting up Schedules + Rooms


Follow the instructions below to learn how you can review and approve OCI Registrations and associated Job Postings, set up schedules and reserve rooms. 

  1. Once you’re logged in as a Career Center User, click on the Notifications / Pending Actions List  to review, reject or approve OCI Registrations and OCI Job Details.

  2. Select the OCI that needs approval, and review the Registration and Job Posting tabs before deciding to reject, approve or edit the Job Posting and OCI Registration. If rejecting, admins may provide a reason for rejection. To decide if the Employer receives a notification when their job posting is rejected, and if the rejection email includes the reason for rejection, navigate to the Notification tab of OCI and Job Listings Settings found in your Site Settings. Select Edit next to the “Job Posting Rejection” notification.




Please note that when approving the Job Posting, you may need to first Edit the Job Posting to include # of Total Interview Slots under the Career Center Administrator section. This is a required field.





  1. To set up the schedule, click on the Schedule tab and then the +Add Schedule(s) button, where you will be able to build your interview slot schedule, including breaks.



  1. Before you set the schedule you need to reserve a room where the schedule can apply. To begin select the edit button next to Unassigned Room to select from your platform’s Room Management table.


  1. Once your interview date(s) and schedule(s) have been established, you may Notify the Employer of these dates/times, which will send an email to the Primary OCI Contact (from the Registration page).                                                          





Student Application Period 


Once the student application period begins, students can apply for relevant OCIs by following the steps below.

  1. A student user will log in to the platform and navigate to the OCI and Job Listings page. The student can filter for particular employers, their favorite city or the type of job they are seeking.

  2. To see the details of a specific OCI, your student selects an OCI by selecting a job title from the results. Once inside the details, they apply by clicking Apply in the top right corner.

  3. Before applying your student must submit any necessary Application Documents the employer is seeking.




Employer Decision Period


If in the OCI Settings you did not permit Employers to see applications before the application deadline, it is during the Employer Decision Period where employers can first view student’s application materials. If in the OCI Settings you do allow employers to see applications before the deadline, both employers and admins can see the students who’ve applied as soon as they’ve submitted their application materials in the Applicants Tab


  1. To view a student’s resume, your employer clicks on the name of the Resume in the Application column.

  2. To extend an interview, reject or select an applicant as an alternate, your employer begins by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the Pending bubble in the Interview Decision column during the Employer's Decision Period. Then your employer simply selects their decision from the drop down menu in the Manage Interview Decision window. This can be done on a student-by-student basis, or by selecting multiple students, and using the Action button to extend/reject interviews for selected students. The employer may also select the Action button to choose the same interview decision for all applicants.

  3. If your employer wants to have multiple alternates, they will assign rankings for alternates and 12Twenty will automatically register the alternates in order of stated preference.

  4. When the employer is done making their decisions, they select the Confirm button to finalize their decisions.              

  5. Only an administrator can email all of the students of the employer’s decisions by selecting Notify. You can email students individually by clicking on the three dots to the far right of the applicant. You may also notify all students within a round of their interview decisions via your OCI Management.

  6. You, as the Admin, can always modify or update the employer’s decision in step 3 by clicking on the pencil next to one of the employer’s interview decisions. For example - if an employer selects a student as an alternate, you can change that decision to Extend Interview.



Bulk Actions in OCI Management


To see how many employers still need to make their interview decisions, or how many students you have not notified of those employer decisions, navigate to the OCI Management module (on the OCI Listing home page). From this screen you can email all of those Employers or Students by clicking on the appropriate action button. Also, you can auto-assign all students their interview slots, as well as notify students and employers of the final schedule, the interview date, or the interview location by clicking on the corresponding buttons.





Student Pre-Select Decision Period



  1. During the student’s pre-select decision period, if (via your OCI period settings) you have allowed your students to accept/decline interviews, then you will see Student Decision is populated with Pending Decision until students who have been extended an interview have made a decision.                                                                                                        

  2. Admins can accept or reject the interview on behalf of students by clicking on the pencil icon highlighted above and selecting the desired option.  If you or your employer offered an interview to the student, 12Twenty will send the student the following email, which can be configured in your Site Settings on the Notification Tab under OCI and Job Listings Settings.

  3. The students themselves can accept or reject the invitation by clicking on the link in their congratulatory email to navigate to the specific OCI page and all they have to do is click on Decline or Accept Interview.                                                                                                                  

  4. If you permit your students to select/swap their interview time slot, they can do so by accepting the extended interview, and selecting “Select Interview Time” when prompted to select an interview time, directing them to the Select an Interview Time page. 

  5. Once in the Select an Interview Time page, your student will see the available options as you see below if they are the first student to pick a time slot

  6. If your student is not the first student to pick their time slot and they cannot attend any of the available time slots they can request to swap time slots. To swap time slots, your student must pick a time slot in order to have a time slot to swap with another student. Once they have their time slot they can send a swap request to another student by clicking on the Select Interview Time button highlighted below.

  7. Once inside the Select an Interview Time page, your student can request to swap time slots with another student. With a time slot, the request is as easy as clicking on the Swap button that corresponds with the desired time slot.

  8. If a student sends another student a swap request, the student who received the request will get an email where they can click on the link navigate to the appropriate page to accept/reject the request.

  9. Once students have selected an interview time, a confirmation email will be sent to them to confirm the day/time/location 





Finalizing Schedule 


  1. Once all interview decisions have been made by Employers and Students, admins can manage the interview schedule via the Schedule tab of the OCI workflow.

  2. Admins can make any needed scheduling changes (assigning students to an interview slot, swapping student interview times, unassigning, etc…) on the Schedule tab. If any students’ schedules are changed, admins can re-notify students of any adjustments made.

  3. Once the schedule is confirmed, it can be Released to Employers, which will send an email to the employer notifying them of the current schedule (this email can be configured via your Notification Site Settings. This will update the Not Released tag on the Schedule tab to show Released. The email can be configured via your OCI Site Settings, under the Notification tab.

  4. In the Schedule tab you can email a download link for application package documents, or export the schedule with the lower Schedule Actions button.                    

  5. If you want to delete, duplicate or deactivate the OCI, click on the upper Action button and select from the drop down menu. Under Job Posting Actions, you may Convert the Job Posting to a non-OCI standalone Job Posting or Link the Job Posting to another OCI. Under Schedule Actions, you are able to Create and Link a New Job Posting to this OCI schedule, as well as Link an Existing Job Posting from the same Employer to this OCI schedule.





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