OCI (On-Campus Interviews) Overview

OCI Management on 12twenty includes configuration, customization, and scheduling. This resource also includes direct links to various OCI Resources on the 12twenty Academy.


  1. Overview of OCI with 12twenty
  2. General Configuration
  3. OCI Periods
  4. OCI Rounds
  5. Schedules
  6. Bulk OCI Management


Overview of OCI with 12twenty

12twenty's OCI Module provides finite control of the OCI process through various Site Settings and OCI Periods which determine what actions can occur during certain time periods. This time-based OCI configuration provides your Career Center with the ability to dictate when Employers can register, Students can apply, Employers make interview decisions, Students accept (or decline) interview offers, when Students can withdraw their application, and finally swap their interview timeslots.

Common OCI Periods include:

  • Employer Registration: When Employers can submit OCI Registrations and submit OCI Job Listings
  • Student Application: When students can apply to OCI Job Listings they are eligible for
  • Employer Decision: When Employers determine which applicants they would like to invite for an interview, reject, or set an applicant as an alternate.
  • Student Pre-Select Decision Period: When students accept or decline the Employer's interview invitations and often allows students to select their timeslot
  • Swap and Withdraw Period: When students can withdraw their application or anonymously request timeslot swaps

OCI Rounds are used to place OCI Periods on a schedule that determines when each action can occur. OCI Periods cannot overlap within a round. Instead, if Employer Registration and Student Application need to overlap, a new OCI Period needs to be configured that includes both "Allow students to apply" and "Allow employers to register for OCI." An OCI Round can be edited for an Employer by customizing the OCI Round schedule on a specific OCI Registration.

A standard OCI process on 12twenty would include:

  1. Configuring OCI Periods
  2. Creating an OCI Round
  3. Approving OCI Registrations and OCI Job Listings
  4. Creating and Releasing Schedules
  5. Notifying Students of Employer Decisions

OCI on 12twenty also allows for Rotational Schedules, Lottery, and Bidding. Lottery and Bidding are OCI add-ons that may not be included for your site.


General Configuration

The 12twenty OCI Module for On-Campus Interviews requires custom configuration to set up OCI Periods, Rounds, Approve Registrations, Scheduling, and more. 

To begin, ensure that the OCI and Job Listings Module is available to Employers. To do so, please review the "Job Listing Site Settings" resource.

Next, OCI Periods will need to be configured. 


OCI Periods

OCI Periods act like "rules" for an OCI Round by controlling what actions can occur during a certain timeframe. Since OCI Periods cannot overlap, any OCI Period can be configured to include multiple rules. For example, it is common to have a combination Employer Registration and Student Application Period. 

Please review the resource for "Setting Up OCI Periods."

OCI Period Rules



Allow students to apply

Allows students to apply for an OCI interview.

Allow students to accept interview offers

Allows students to accept or decline an interview offer from an employer.

Allow students to withdraw interview decisions

Allows students to withdraw their interview decision (after they have accepted it).

Allow students who have accepted an interview to select their own slots

Allows students to both select their own time slot, and request a time slot swap with another student.

Allow any applicant to sign up for un-assigned interview slots

Allows students to sign up for open interview slots not filled by the employer.

Allow employers to register for OCI

Allows employers to register for OCI for the given round.

Allow employers to decide on interview decisions

Allows employers to make their interview decision on applicants -- either to extend an interview, decline an interview or waitlist the applicant.

OCI period is "Locked" period

Allows for no activity by employers or students.


OCI Period Visibility

Hide period from employers

Hides this period from employer view. This can be overridden by admins in an individual OCI by editing the job posting and overriding the visibility of the period.

Hide period from students

Hides the period from student view. This can be overridden by admins in an individual OCI by editing the job posting and overriding the visibility of the period.


OCI Rounds

OCI Rounds act like a "game" where OCI Periods, "rules," are applied. An OCI Round determines when an OCI Period begins and ends, if schedules are automatically released, and Interview Date restrictions. OCI Periods cannot overlap in dates and time within an OCI Round; however, combinations OCI Periods can be used instead.

Since some Employers may need modifications to an OCI Round, your site can allow for customizations to be made. OCI Round customizations can only be completed on a specific OCI Registration for an Employer. 

Please review the resource for "Setting Up an OCI Round."



Each OCI Registration and OCI Job Listing requires a Schedule to be built in order for Students to be placed on the Interview Schedule. Schedules can be created from a Template or by creating a Custom Schedule for Employers.

Please review the resources for "OCI Registration Approval and OCI Schedules" and "Using OCI Schedule Templates."


Bulk OCI Management

The OCI Management Module, accessible through the OCI and Job Listing Module, allows Career Center Users to send notifications, assign students to timeslots, and release schedules in bulk for individual OCI Rounds

Please review the resource for "Bulk Actions in OCI Management."





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