Adding an Admin (Career Center) User

Career Center Users, with certain access levels, are capable of adding other Career Center Users to their own 12Twenty sites.  To do so, follow the instructions below:


Adding an Admin (Career Center) User

  1. Select "Settings" located on the bottom left corner of the site, and then click Manage Users from the dropdown menu. 

  2. Select Career Center Users, then +Add New Career Center User.

  3. A pop-out will appear where you can enter the details of your new Career Center User. Several key fields to note:
    • Email Address: This will be the primary email address to which all 12Twenty related communications are sent (including the initial password creation link), and the username with which the user will log-in.
    • Admin Group: This controls what group of students a user can view when logged in as a 12twenty Career Center User. To learn more about Admin Groups, please review this resource.
    • Biography, Focus Industry, and Focus Function: For schools using the CSM suite of tools, this information will be visible to students when booking advising appointments with the Career Center User.
    • Access Level: This determines the pages and information a user can view on the site, along with the tasks they are able to perform.  Access levels for career center users can be edited by contacting your 12Twenty account manager.
    • Active: This determines whether or not the Admin User is considered to be "Active" or if they should be archived. To learn more about Archiving or Deactivating Career Center Users, please review this resource.
    • Appointment Coach: For schools using the CSM suite of tools, this determines if the Career Center User can create or be assigned to advising appointments and appear on the appointment calendar.
    • Assignable Adviser: This will allow your new Career Center User to have individual student profiles assigned to them.
    • Password Creation: The default "Email a password creation link" setting will automatically generate an email, with a password creation link, to the new user upon creation of their account.  There is also an option for you to manually create a password for the new user and communicate it to them outside the system.
  4. Select Save and the new Career Center User will be sent an email from 12Twenty with instructions on how to create a password and sign in on the site (if that was the chosen password creation method).
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