General OCI Site Settings

General OCI Site Settings

To begin managing the OCI Process, configure the general settings for OCIs, and then create OCI Periods and an OCI Round.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of managing the General Settings for OCIs. You must be a School Admin to manage settings.

  1. To begin, select Settings from the left side navigation and select Site Settings from the drop down menu. From the Site Settings page select OCI and Job Listings settings under the Career Services Management section.

  1. Add a Career Center Contact to ensure that 12Twenty displays the appropriate contact information for students and employers participating in an OCI.

  2. Decide whether or not Employers can register for OCI and post jobs by checking or unchecking the corresponding box.

  3. You can also prohibit specific graduating classes from accessing the Job Posting Page by selecting the specific Program and Graduation Class from the drop down menus and unchecking the corresponding box (NOTE: all students default to being able to access the Job Posting Page unless unchecked). 
  4. Edit the default list of necessary application documents that will populate for all Job/OCI Postings. Resumes are the only application document that cannot be deleted (NOTE: you can control Application Documents and their requirements on every individual posting-by-posting basis).
  5. To standardize the start times of all OCI Job Postings or non-OCI Job Postings, fill in the highlighted blanks below with the desired times of day. If you want each job to be posted at 6AM input 6AM in the start time blank. You can choose if an employer can edit those times by checking yes or no underneath the highlighted blanks. 

  6. To have a standardized buffer time between Interview Slots, fill in the corresponding box with the amount of time desired between each Interview. 
  7. If you allow your students to request to Swap Interview Time Slots with other students, fill in the corresponding blank to determine how many hours until unanswered requests expire.

  8. To provide guidance text on several of the OCI and Job Listing Module pages, select the section you want to configure from the drop down menu, and input your desired text.
  9. To allow employers to see OCI Job Applications before the application deadline, check the corresponding box below.
  10. To enable email notifications to the Career Center Contact if a student withdraws from an OCI, check the corresponding box below.
  11. To require Career Center approval of edits made by an employer to an OCI Job Posting that has already been approved, check of the corresponding box below. 
  12. To allow employers to review non-OCI Job Applications before the application deadline, check the corresponding box below.
  13. To hide student OCI interview decisions from employers, check the corresponding box below.

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