Student Application Period

The Student Application Period allows Students to apply to OCI Job Listings they are eligible for. Applications for OCI Job Listings are only permitted during a Student Application Period or any OCI Period that includes "Allow students to apply."


  1. Configuring a Student Application Period
  2. Students Applying to OCI Job Listings
  3. Applying to OCI Job Listings Outside of a Student Application Period


Configuring a Student Application Period

Every 12twenty Site comes with a prebuilt Student Application Period, but you can also create custom OCI Periods that include the rule "Allow students to apply."

  1. Navigate through Site Management and Site Settings, then select OCI and Job Listings.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the OCI Period Configuration section.

  3. Select Add New OCI Period and select + Custom OCI Period to configure a fully custom OCI Period or Add OCI Period from Template to use a pre-configured 12twenty OCI Period. 

  4. When using a pre-configured Template, select the Student Application Period

  5. Both the Custom and Template selections will open the OCI Period Configuration Modal
    • Set a Name for the OCI Period
    • Configure Help Text to better define the OCI Period
    • Set a Display Index to determine the order of OCI Periods in the OCI Period list. We recommend 20 for the Student Application Period because it is generally the second OCI Period used in an OCI Round.

  6. Set Visibility for the OCI Period if you would like to hide the OCI Period from Students and/or Employers

  7. Set any Notifications

  8. Save



Students Applying to OCI Job Listings

Similar to a normal Job Listing, Students that are Eligible to apply to an OCI Job Listing can use the Apply button for the position to submit the required (and optional) Application Materials.

Unlike a normal Job Listing, eligible applicants may only apply to an OCI Job Listing when a Student Application Period or another OCI Period where "Allow students to apply" is active. If the period has not started or has already concluded, Students may no longer apply. 



Applying to OCI Job Listings Outside of a Student Application Period

While students are unable to submit their own applications before or after the conclusion of a Student Application Period, Career Center Users can manually add students to the Applicants list.

  1. Collect the Application Materials the Student plans to submit in their application

  2. Navigate to the OCI Job Listing the student would like to apply to

  3. Using the three-dot action button and select + Add Applicant

  4. Manually type the Student's Name and select Add

  5. Submit the required (and optional) Application Materials 

  6. Apply
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