ABA Graduate ID

This article covers how ABA Graduate IDs are assigned to students, where they are used, and how to identify a student using their ABA Graduate ID.

What is an ABA Graduate ID?

  • Every law student user is automatically, randomly assigned an ABA Graduate ID when their student account is created on 12twenty. This ID is used to identify each student on the ABA Format Report export. 
  • ABA Graduate IDs are composed of a string of numbers and will always be 10 characters or less (e.g. 123456). 
  • Each student's ABA Graduate ID is unique to that student and will never change. 
  • Since they are automatically set by the system, a student's ABA Graduate ID can not be edited.

Where is the ABA Graduate ID used?

The ABA Graduate ID is used in the final submission of the ABA Format Report from 12twenty into the ABA EQ portal.

  • For example, to make a correction to your EQ data, please contact the ABA with the following information: the Graduate ID number of the file being amended, and an explanation of what Key Items are being changed.

To view this report, navigate to Reports > Standard Reports > ABA Report > select "Export Employment Questionnaire Report (ABA Format)" > make your filter selections and select Generate Report. Once the export is downloaded to your computer, the ABA Graduate ID of each student will be located in the GraduateID column.

How do I identify a student's ABA Graduate ID in 12twenty?

To find a student using their ABA Graduate ID, navigate to the Student and Alumni Directory module and use the "ABA Graduate ID" filter.

Within a student's profile, the ABA Graduate ID will appear on the Admin tab.

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