ABA Random Graduate Review - Downloading and Submitting the Outcome Audit Logs

This article will highlight the function of an Outcome Audit Log as well as how to download the Outcome Audit Log for the graduates selected as part of the ABA Random Graduate Review.

What is the Outcome Audit Log?


The Outcome Audit Log displays a summary of actions taken on an outcome survey. It includes the details of the initial submission of the outcome, any edits, Outcome Notes, and additions along with a timestamp of each action, and the name of the user that initiated the action. 


  • To view the Outcome Audit Log, navigate to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of a student’s profile
    • Select the ellipsis icon next to the Outcome Survey

    • Select "View Outcome Audit Log" from the action menu dropdown list

How do I download the Outcome Audit Log?


To download the Outcome Audit Log and any associated Outcome Notes or attachments as a single .ZIP file: 

  • Select “Export” in the top right hand corner of the Outcome Audit Log window 
  • This will download all documents into a .zip file




Help! My graduate was selected as part of the ABA Random Graduate Review - What should I do?


When the ABA contacts your school to request additional documentation for the Random Graduate Review, follow these steps to compile your Outcome Audit Log for the selected ABA Graduate IDs:



  • Navigate to Student & Alumni Directory
  • Search for the students for whom you need to provide an Outcome Audit Log using the "Graduate ID" filter.
  • Click on the selected student to navigate to their Student Profile
  • On Student Profile, Jobs and Job Offers tab 
    • Select the ellipsis icon next to the “10 months” outcome survey
    • Select "View Outcome Audit Log" from the drop-down list
    • The Outcome Audit Log will appear as a pop up
    • Click the "Export" button in the top right-hand corner, to download the .zip file to your computer


If you “copied” over the original “At Grad” survey to a “10 Month” survey, please download both the “At Grad Outcome Audit Log” and “10 Month Outcome Audit Log” to share with the ABA

  • Upload the zip file into the ABA EQ Portal's Random Graduate Review section.


You can verify that this is the correct student by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to Reports and select Standard Reports
  • Click on the ABA Report tab
  • Select Export on the "ABA Format Reportand ensure you have selected the appropriate filters you selected when you originally reported this data (grad year, grad term, program) to the ABA
    • Make sure "Survey Period" is set to "10 Month”
    • Ensure the radio button "Include Student Name and ID" is set to "Yes" and click the "Generate" button to download the export
  • Take a look at the GraduateID column to find the student name that matches the GraduateID requested by the ABA


Help! How do I submit this information to the ABA?


The ABA has provided this video resource and these screenshots to demonstrate how to submit the information into the ABA EQ Portal.




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