Setting Up OCI Periods

Setting Up OCI Periods

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create OCI Periods. You must be a School Admin to manage OCI Periods.

  1. Once you have managed the General OCI Settings, navigate to the bottom of the General tab under the OCI and Job Listings settings page of your Site Settings. Under the OCI Period Configuration section, select Add New OCI Period and +Custom OCI Period.


  1. A window will appear in which you can customize and configure an OCI Period to be used in your OCI Round(s). Begin by naming the period (example = “Student Application Period”). Then choose a help text that will appear when you choose this round to be used in an OCI Round (example = “This period allows students to apply for an OCI”). Choose a display index for this period. The display index corresponds to the period’s position whenever you see it as part of a complete list of OCI Periods. We recommend assigning each OCI Period a display index in multiples of 10 (e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc.).

  1. Below is a table that outlines each permission and it’s corresponding purpose. To turn a permission on, toggle the “Off” button so that it displays as “On” in green. 



Allow students to apply

Allows students to apply for an OCI interview

Allow students to accept interview offers

Allows students to accept or decline an interview offer from an employer

Allow students to withdraw interview decisions

Allows students to withdraw their interview decision (after they have accepted it)

Allow students who have accepted an interview to select their own slots

Allows students to both select their own time slot, and request a time slot swap with another student.

Allow any applicant to sign up for un-assigned interview slots

Allows students to sign up for open interview slots not filled by the employer

Allow employers to register for OCI

Allows employers to register for OCI for the given round

Allow employers to decide on interview decisions

Allows employers to make their interview decision on applicants -- either to extend an interview, decline an interview or waitlist the applicant.

OCI period is "Locked" period

Allows for no activity by employers or students.

  1. Under Visibility, choose who can see this OCI Period.

Hide period from employers

Hides this period from employer view. This can be overridden by admins in an individual OCI by editing the job posting and overriding the visibility of the period.

Hide period from students

Hides the period from student view. This can be overridden by admins in an individual OCI by editing the job posting and overriding the visibility of the period.

  1. Under Notifications, select + Add an OCI Period Notification to notify “employers,” “student applicants,” or “students with accepted interviews” of the start or end of the OCI Period (example = notify employers 1 hour before start of Student Application Period). You are able to add multiple notifications per OCI Period.

  1. Select Save to save this OCI Period. Return to Step #1 and repeat this process until all OCI Periods are created and ready to be used for an OCI.

  2. Please also feel free to use our OCI Period templates, by selecting the Add New OCI Period button and choosing Add OCI Period From Template.

  3. To edit an OCI Period, select the ellipses next to an OCI Period and select Edit. Please note that editing an OCI Period that is already being used in an OCI Round will not affect the OCI Round. To update the rules of an OCI Period and have those changes take effect for an existing OCI Round, edit the OCI Period and then delete and re-add the OCI Period to the OCI Round.

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