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Setting Up A "Virtual" OCI

Indicating A Room Is "Virtual"

An OCI will be marked as "Virtual" if any room associated to the schedule is "Virtual." To indicate that a room is "Virtual," please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the OCI
  2. Select the "Schedule" tab
  3. Select "Room Actions" next to the room in question
  4. Select "Edit Schedule"
  5. Check the "Virtual" box beneath the room name picklist

Adding A Virtual Meeting URL To A Room

Once a room is marked as "Virtual," the virtual meeting notification bar will appear, where you can add a virtual meeting URL:

The virtual meeting URL is limited to 500 characters

Actions Available After Adding A Virtual Meeting URL

The platform will automatically detect the conference service and show the corresponding icon. Currently the platform supports the following URLs: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and Webex.

Direct Zoom integration is scheduled to be released by the end of Q3, 2020.

Once a virtual meeting URL is added, you may copy, edit or delete it:

How Users Know An OCI Is "Virtual"

Users will know that an OCI is "Virtual" via the "video" icon next to the job title, as opposed to the standard "users" icon:

Virtual OCI "Video" Icon

Standard OCI (Non-Virtual) "Users" Icon

How Employers Add Virtual Meeting URLs To Their Schedule

Going forward, employers will always have access to the schedule, but will not see the interviewers until the schedule is released. This allows the employer to easily add their virtual meeting URLs to the schedule at any time.

Depending on how your career center runs OCI, 12Twenty recommends the following options for engaging employers to add virtual meeting URLs to the schedule:

  1. Before approving an OCI, create the schedule (even if you are just adding rooms), so that employers can add their virtual meeting URLs once the OCI is approved. If your career center prefers this practice, you can further automate this process by updating the "OCI Approved" email notification with instructions on adding their virtual meeting URL.
  2. Contact employers at a later date using the "Email" function on the OCI list page, letting them know that their schedules are ready for them to add virtual meeting URLs to.
  3. Add this information to the interview on behalf of the employer.

Employer View Of OCI Schedule

Identifying OCIs Missing Virtual Meeting URLs

Identifying OCIs missing virtual meeting URLs is as easy as adding the "Virtual Meeting URL Missing" filter. To do so, navigate to the "OCI" tab of the "OCI & Job Listings" page to add the filter:

If one or more rooms are missing a URL, the OCI will appear in the list. If you would like to email the employers associated with the resulting OCIs, simply select the OCIs you would like and select the "Email" option in the "Actions" menu:

Additionally, a red "badge" will appear on the OCI detail page, indicating that one or more rooms are missing a virtual meeting URL:

Student Experience

The student experience for virtual OCIs will be largely similar to the standard OCI experience, except instead of showing up to an interview room, they will show up to a virtual interview room.

Just as a standard OCI room location appears on the site, on email notifications and calendar sync, so will the virtual meeting URL show in its place.

Student view of an OCI with a virtual meeting URL


Q: Do students only receive the email with their virtual room information one hour before the OCI, or has that been adjusted since the initial informational webinar?

A: Students will receive reminder emails based on the time frame set by the 12T University Admin in Site Settings>OCI and Job Listings>Notifications

  • "Job posting notification settings" controls the actual notification - you can set these reminders to go out for whatever timeframe works best for you and your students
  • The OCI reminder will include the zoom link, as will the "notify" email when you release the schedule to students
  • If you add the zoom link after the schedule is released, you can re-notify everyone on the schedule
  • If the student has calendar sync, the link will be included in the calendar item
  • The link will also appear on the OCI itself if the student navigates back to it
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