Interview Schedule Summary

This article discusses how to view the Interview Schedule Summary for an OCI Round.


Interview Schedule Summary

Admins may view OCI scheduling details for a specific OCI round, which contains the following data points surrounding each OCI within a round:

     - Number of students who have applied

     - Number of applicants who have been extended an interview but have not made a decision

     - Number of unassigned students on a schedule

     - Number of students assigned to a timeslot on a schedule

    - Number of students who have a conflict in their schedule


How to Access the Interview Schedule Summary as an Admin

  1. Click on the OCI and Job Listings section on the left navigation panel.

  2. Select OCI Management, and indicate the OCI round for which you’d like to view the schedule summary

  3. Click on Schedules Summary in the OCI Round Summaries section


Note: While your site may include access to the OCI (On-Campus Interview Module), it may not include access to OCI Management. If you do not have OCI Management but would like to add it to your platform, please reach out to the Support Team through a new Support Ticket

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