My Interview Availability Tab

Students may indicate which times they are unavailable for an interview, allowing school admins to assist in resolving interview scheduling conflicts and allowing the system to utilize automatic scheduling while respecting conflicts. For more information on auto-assigning interviews, click here


Adding Interview Availability as a Student

  1. Navigating to the OCI and Job Listings module

  2. Clicking on the “My Interview Availability” tab

  3. Click the calendar to add a slot

  4. In the Create Time Slot window, provide details of the type of activity in the Type field as well as a description of the activity in the What field

  5. Click Create


Viewing a Student's Interview Availability as an Admin

  1. Navigate to the OCI Schedule tab

  2. Click on the ellipsis button and select View Student’s Calendar

  3. A separate window will pop up, displaying the student’s indicated interview availability.

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