Auto-Assigning Interviews

School admins may opt to automatically assign all students within an OCI Round who have accepted an interview extended to them to time slots, avoiding the need for students to self-select time slots for each interview they are extended. 

  • Note: In order to best avoid any potential schedule conflicts, it’s recommended that students complete their "My Interview Availability" details, so that the system’s scheduling process will respect scheduling conflicts (dates/times students have indicated they are not available). Click here for more information on the "My Interview Availability" tab.
  • Note: If you elect to use the "auto-assign" feature after some students have selected interview slots, it will randomize ALL students and reassign everyone new slots
  • Pro tip: You can elect to "auto-assign" a single OCI - the feature does not require you to use it for all OCIs in a round

Students can be auto-assigned in one of two ways:

  1. From the individual OCI’s Schedule tab

    1. Navigate to step 4 of the OCI workflow (“Schedule”).

    2. Click “Auto Assign Slots”.

    3. Confirm you would like to proceed with auto-assignment by clicking “Confirm” in the popup modal.

    4. Students will be automatically assigned to time slots, and will populate on the schedule as “Not Notified” .


  1. From OCI Management (for auto-assigning an entire OCI Round)

    1. From the OCI and Job Listings module, click on the “OCI Management” button in the top right.

    2. Select the OCI round for which you are looking to auto-assign students.

    3. You will see the number of OCIs with student applicants pending assignment in the “# of OCIs” column

    4. Click on “Auto Assign Students”.

    5. Click “Ok” in the confirmation modal to proceed with auto assignment for all OCIs within the selected Round.


  • Note: The auto-assign functionality process avoids conflicts (other on-campus interviews, student-entered classes/commitments on the My Interview Availability tab) to the best of its abilities. There may be a scenario in which a scheduling conflict is unavoidable. Please review our article on finding conflicts for an OCI Round here.
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