Student Pre-Select Decision Period

This article highlights the Student Pre-Select Decision Period. 


Student Pre-Select Decision Period

  1. During the student’s pre-select decision period, if (via your OCI period settings) you have allowed your students to accept/decline interviews, then you will see Student Decision populated with Pending Decision until students who have been extended an interview have made a decision.                                                                                                         


  2. Admins can accept or reject the interview on behalf of students by clicking on the pencil icon highlighted above and selecting the desired option.  If you or your employer offered an interview to the student, 12Twenty will send the student the following email, which can be configured in your Site Settings on the Notification Tab under OCI and Job Listings Settings.

  3. The students themselves can accept or reject the invitation by clicking on the link in their congratulatory email to navigate to the specific OCI page and all they have to do is click on Decline or Accept Interview.                                                                                                                


  4. If you permit your students to select/swap their interview time slot, they can do so by accepting the extended interview and clicking the Select an Interview Time button.


  5. Once on the Select an Interview Time page, your student will see the available options as you see below if they are the first student to pick a time slot.

  6. If your student is not the first student to pick their time slot and they cannot attend any of the available time slots they can request to swap time slots. To swap time slots, your student must pick a time slot in order to have a time slot to swap with another student. Once they have their time slot they can send a swap request to another student by clicking on the Select Interview Time button highlighted below.

  7. Once inside the Select an Interview Time page, your student can request to swap time slots with another student. With a time slot, the request is as easy as clicking on the Swap button that corresponds with the desired time slot.

  8. If a student sends another student a swap request, the student who received the request will get an email where they can click on the link and navigate to the appropriate page to accept/reject the request.

  9. Once students have selected an interview time, a confirmation email will be sent to them to confirm the day/time/location.


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