How to Find Student Interview Scheduling Conflicts

This article discusses how to use OCI Management to determine if students have any scheduling conflicts. If a University Admin would like to see a summary of student applicants for an OCI round and determine if students have any scheduling conflicts, the following steps may be taken:

  1. From the OCI and Job Listings module, select OCI Management.

  2. Select the appropriate OCI round from the drop-down menu and click on Applicants Summary.

  3. Any students that have a conflict for scheduled interviews will have a red indicator in the Conflicted column. Conflicts may be a result of an overlap of class, interviews, or other scheduled activities a student has indicated on their My Interview Availability calendar. To learn more about My Interview Availability, click here.

  4. Further details surrounding the conflict can be viewed by clicking on the red number in the Conflicted column.

  5. Two resolve the conflict, resolve it manually or admins can either email the student to resolve it themselves:

    • To resolve the conflict manually, Admins can click on the URL to be redirected to the OCI with the conflict. They can resolve the conflict from the scheduling tab by re-assigning the student. 
    • To send an email to the student with the conflict, click the email icon. You can select from a template, or edit the message and click send. 

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