Rotational Schedules

Rotating schedules allow students to sign up for a single time slot in which they will rotate to a second interviewer halfway through their time slot. 

To accommodate rotating time slots, create matching pairs of time slots in two separate rooms. The time slots need to be 2x as long as the interview time. For example, if you want to interview student 1 for 30 minutes with Interviewer A followed by 30 minutes with Interviewer B, and have student B interview with Interviewer B for 30 minutes before rotating to Interviewer A, set up pairs of 60 minute slots. Assign the student A to the first slot in your first room, and then assign the student B to the same slot in the second room.  These students will now rotate with each other halfway through their 60 minute time slot.

If your Employer’s OCI will consist of a rotating schedule, this can be enabled via the Registration page of the OCI workflow. To enable rotational scheduling for your OCI, please click on “Register for an OCI” on the “OCI and Job Listings” page, and select “Rotating Schedule” = YES under the “Interview Preferences” section. 

If your rotational schedule contains any errors upon scheduling, you will see that step 4 of the OCI workflow (Schedule) will highlight in red, and error message details will be provided.

Some common rotational schedule errors are:

  • Number of rooms to rotate are not even 

  • Number of time slots dedicated to an OCI room are not equal to each other 

  • Assigned job posting to time slot is not even (relevant only when an OCI schedule has been linked to more than one posting)

To resolve, ensure that the above has been satisfied (adding rooms / adding timeslots / updating assigned job postings) on the OCI Schedule.

To view a rotational schedule, go to step 4 of the OCI workflow (Schedule), click on “Schedule Actions” and select “Export Schedule”.

A PDF will download containing a breakdown of time slots assigned to students on a room by room basis, where rotating student schedules can be viewed.

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