Adding Interviewers

Interviewers can be added to an OCI Job Posting in the “Interviewer Information” section on step 2 of the OCI workflow (“Job Posting”). You can either pull from a list of known interviewers (pulling from your current contacts associated with the employer) or you may add a new interviewer (and thereby, adding a new contact). Interviewer name(s) can be made visible to students to view when applying for the Job Posting / OCI by checking the box for “Make Visible to Students”. Multiple interviewers may be added to a posting by clicking on “+ Add Interviewer”.

If the interviewer is a currently known contact…

  1. Select name from the dropdown of known employer contacts

If the interviewer is new…

  1. Click “Create New Contact”.

  2. Complete fields in popup modal for First Name, Last Name, Job Title, and Email Address (please note that fields with an * are required)

  3. New contacts will populate on your “Contacts” module (if enabled for your site) once they have been approved by a school Admin.

Once interviewers have been added to a Job Posting / OCI, assign them to time slots by navigating to step 4 of the OCI workflow (“Schedule”). Interviewers may be assigned to all time slots within a room, or to individual time slots.

To assign an interviewer to all time slots within a single room…

  1. Check the box to select all timeslots.

  2. Click “Room Actions”, and select “Assign Interviewer(s)”.

  3. Select your Interviewer(s) name(s) from the dropdown, and click “Assign”.

  4. Assigned interviewer(s) name(s) will be listed in the “Interviewer Name” column.

To assign an interviewer to specific time slots…

  1. Click on the ellipsis button to the right of the time slot you’re looking to assign to an interviewer, and select “Edit Slot”.

  2. Select Interviewer(s) name(s) from the dropdown section for “Interviewer Name”, and click “Save”.

  3. Assigned interviewer(s) name(s) will be listed in the “Interviewer Name” column.

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