Multi-School Events

Multi-School Events allow employers to post events across multiple schools at one time. Bringing Multi-School Events into 12twenty increases opportunities for students, and provides additional visibility for career centers for events that would be traditionally held outside 12twenty.

Setting up Multi-School Events does not require any additional configuration on the administrative end, and every Multi-School Event requires approval before it is visible to students. There is an option to limit Multi-School Events to certain calendar days, which will be covered at the end of this article.




  1. Where Do Multi-School Events Appear?
  2. Approving Multi-School Events
  3. Limiting Multi-School Events to Certain Dates
  4. Configuring Multi-School Event Date Availability
  5. Notification To Approver If Event Is Requested On Date Not Available


Where Do Multi-School Events Appear?

Multi-School Events appear within your events module, and are identifiable via the 12twenty logo, similar to jobs that are posted via the 12twenty network:



Approving Multi-School Events

Approving a Multi-School Event is similar to approving a 12twenty Network Job Posting- upon selecting the "Approve" button, the approver is presented with a modal that presets the following required fields:

  • Event Type (Required) - The event type that you would like this event to appear under.

  • Publish Date - The date on which you would like this event to be visible to students (Note - even if the event is approved, it will not be visible to students until the publish date has passed.)

  • Student Group (Required) - The groups to which this event will be visible to

  • Target Cohort (Read-Only) - The types of students this employer is interested in having attended the event


Please note: Event Type, Publish Date, and Student Groups are required to be added or adjusted before the event can be approved. For example, Employers posting to multiple 12twenty for University sites are not presented with a list of Student Groups; therefore, they must be selected by a Career Center User during the approval process.


Limiting Multi-School Events to Certain Dates

School administrators have the ability to determine which dates Multi-School Events can be requested for. Please note that this is a soft requirement, and employers will be notified that your school does not accept events on a date that you have not allowed. The employer will still be able to submit the event but is cautioned that the event may not be approved.

Furthermore, if an event is submitted for approval on a date that you do not allow, the approver will see a warning message on the event detail page that explains that this event has been requested on a date that has not been made available.


Configuring Multi-School Event Date Availability

To configure event date availability, navigate to event settings:

Site Management > Site Settings > Events 

You may select a single event type or multiple event types to use for event date availability by toggling the On/Off toggle for the given event type within the "Multi-School Event Availability" toggle.

By toggling this on, the configured date availability for the selected event type will be used to inform employers of whether or not the employer-selected date is available.

By toggling multiple event types within the "Multi-School Event Availability" column, the combined event date availability will be used.



Notification To Approver If Event Is Requested On Date Not Available


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