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A Time-slot style Event refers to events such as Office Hours and Mock Interviews in which students not only register to attend the event but also have to choose an available time slot within the event.


  1. Create a Time-Slot Style Event
  2. Student Registration for Time-Slot Style Events
  3. FAQ


Create a Time-Slot Style Event

  1. To create a time-slot style event, choose a time-slot style Event Type on the Host an Event page. (Unsure which of your event types are time-slot style events? Click here.)

    Pro-tip: If you want your Employers to be able to download document packets similar to an OCI, you will need to include the option for submission of resumes or at least one type of application document in order to trigger the availability of an application document pdf. If you do not offer the option of submission of any resumes, the export of the time-slot schedule will only be available as an excel file. To learn down to download event document packets, check out this article.

  2. Select Save to create the event

  3. You will be directed to the Manage Time Slots page. Create your schedule(s) under the Schedule tab selecting Add Schedule

    • You can either create your own schedule or choose a previously made schedule template

    • When creating a schedule you can customize the length of each slot, the time in between slots, the number of rooms, and the number of students per slot. After filling out the schedule information, click Save

  4. Once you create the schedule, you will have an overview of the time slots of each room. You can assign a room name and edit each time slot to manually add a student, or delete a specific time slot.


Student Registration for Time-Slot Style Events

  1. Students select the event.

  2. They will be directed to the Event Details tab, where they will click Select Time-Slot next to an available slot.

  3. The system will prompt the student to confirm the registration.
    Please Note: Students may only register for one time-slot per event (or per employer for Job Fairs).



I need to change the time of my event, but I receive an Oops Error when I select "Edit" and adjust the event time. What do I do?
In order to change the times of a time-slot style event, you first need to edit the time slots you selected when created the schedule. Click on the "registered students" tab, then "manage slots" and adjust the slots available before editing the time of the event in the event description

Students and Alumni are signing up for the event but are going directly into the waitlist. Why is this happening?
Registrants are sent directly to the waitlist for a time-slot event when they register when the event is missing the schedule. To resolve this issue, please ensure you create a schedule for the time-slot event. This will allow students to the select their preferred time-slot. 

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