QR Code Check-in

When checking students into an event, admins may scan each student attendee's 12twenty passport or attendees can scan the event's general QR code to check-in. This article will cover how to generate and utilize a general QR code for an event. For more information on using 12twenty passports for check in, click here.


Generating a QR Code for an Event

To track attendance for an event by asking attendees to scan a QR code upon arrival, start by generating and posting the QR code.

  1. Navigate to an upcoming event
  2. Use the Action menu to select 'Generate QR Code'
  3. A pdf file that includes that event's unique QR code will open in a new tab
  4. Download and/or print the file
  5. Post the printed QR code near the event, so attendees can scan to check in upon arrival!




Check-in Process

  1. As attendees arrive at the event, they will scan the QR code, which will open 12twenty in a browser on their mobile device
  2. Users will be prompted to log in to 12twenty
  3. After successfully logging in, the user is now checked in for the event!




  • Who can generate the QR code pdf?
    • Only admin users with the "User Can Manage Events" user role permission may generate and print an event's QR code for check in.
  • Do students need to be pre-registered for the event to utilize QR code check-in?
    • No, students do not need to be registered for the event they are checking into. Students that are already registered will be marked as attended. Students that are not registered will be auto registered for the event and marked as attended.
    • Note that with time slot style events, users do need to be pre-registered by signing up for a time slot prior to checking in.
  • Do students need to exist in my 12twenty platform to check in for the event?
    • Yes, to properly identify and mark a student as attended, they will need to log in to check in for the event and as such will need to have a user account.
  • Does student eligibility for the event block users from checking in?
    • No, the QR code check in process will bypass the event's eligibility rules, as well as the open registration date/times and any limit on the number of attendees.
  • Will student users be taken through Survey on Login or Outcome on Login flows after scanning the QR code and logging in?
    • No, to expedite check in and ensure you are capturing complete attendance data for the event, students who scan the QR code and log in will bypass Survey on Login or Outcome on Login workflows.
  • What about career fairs?
    • The QR code is a great solution for checking in attendees at an in-person career fair! Be sure to print multiple QR codes to ensure a smooth check in process for a large number of students.
  • Are check-ins captured in the event's audit log?
    • Yes! Check-ins are captured in the audit log of the event as each attendee successfully checks in.
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