Event Site Settings

This article outlines the site settings admins can configure for the Events module. To navigate to the events site settings page, use the Settings tab to select Site Settings and choose Events under Career Services Management.


  1. Career Center Contact Settings
  2. Student Availability Settings
  3. Employer Event Type Availability Settings
  4. Event Booking Settings
  5. Event Images and Logos


Career Center Contact Settings

To assign a Career Center Contact, fill in their information under Career Center Contact for Events and select Save Changes.


Student Availability Settings

This section allows you to enable or disable the Events module for a specific graduation class. Note that all grad classes are enabled by default, so this section simply offers a quick way to remove access to this module for a graduation class. To disable access: select a program and grad year, uncheck the “Can Access Events Page” setting, and select Save Changes. This will remove the “Events” option from the student’s left-hand navigation panel.




Employer Event Type Availability Settings

This section allows you to filter the types of events that Employers can host. When selecting the drop-down menu to the right of this setting, you can allow or deny employers access to specific event types.

  • If you don’t want employers to be able to host a Workshop type of event, you should toggle the event type to Off


  • If your university wants to allow Company Presentation events to be held on Monday and Wednesday during March, select the event type click Customize Date Availability, and then select each Monday and Wednesday during that month.


Event Booking Settings

This section allows you to limit the number of time-slot style events (Ex: Office Hours) that a student can reserve at any given time. Note that leaving the box blank means that students have no limit on the amount of time-slot style events they can register for. You can also indicate the hours for swap event slot expiration and set the hours after which the swap requests are canceled. 


Event Images and Logos

Events support an image/logo on the Event List page. 

Employer Events
Events that include an employer will utilize the Employer's logo uploaded to their profile in your Company Directory. If there is not a logo configured for the company, then no logo will appear. 

Non-Employer Events
Events that do not include an Employer/Company will use the "Default" image configured in Site Settings. 

To upload a Default Event Logo, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate through Site Management and Site Settings
  2. Select Events
  3. Scroll down to the Default Event Logo section
  4. Upload and save an image of your choosing

The default event logo will appear when an event meets the following criteria:

  • The event is a career fair with multiple employers
  • The event has no employer association
  • The event has an employer association but that employer's profile does not have a logo
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