Creating Events

This article discusses how to host an Event.


Creating Events

  1. To create an event on behalf of an employer, select + Host an Event in the upper right-hand corner of the Events module page.

  2. Submit the details for the event you want to create. Fields marked with an (*) are required.

    Custom attributes are supported on the "Host an Event" form and can be used both internally and by Employer Users (Recruiters).

  3. Fill out Event Dates. Please Note: Student Registration must end before the Event Start Date.

  4. Be sure to add the correct student groups in the Eligibility Job Fair section. To view the Job Fair, the student must be included in at least one Student Group listed in the Eligibility section. Please Note: Eligibility options may vary depending on your site. 

  5. Select Save to create the event. Note that Events created by admin users are automatically approved.

  6. To make a Contact an Event Owner, the contact must have an Employer User Account. Without the ability to log in to 12twenty and your 12twenty site, a contact cannot control or edit their event. 

    To learn more about Employer User Accounts, please navigate to the Contact vs. Employer User resource. 





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