University Admins: Event Notifications

 This article is intended for use by University Admins and explains the types of Event Notifications available via Site Settings.

From the Notifications tab of the Events site settings page, you can access and control all email notifications that are sent to students, employers, and admins.

Email Template
Recipient Type
Recipient Trigger
Event Company Registration Status Updated (to Admin)AdministratorEvent Manager (User who created event)An employer deletes or cancels their registration
Event Saved Search NotificationAdministratorCareer center user who created notificationNew search result available based on saved search notification interval (daily or weekly)
Event Slot Now AvailableAdministratorCareer Center Contact on EventIf event auto promote is disabled, there are students on the waitlist and a registered student withdraws from the event, this notification will result
Job/Career Fair Registration Pending ApprovalAdministratorCareer Center Contact on EventAn employer registers for a career fair **please note, if the job/career fair occurs over multiple days, the employer notification email will go out for the first day of the event, as opposed to the specific day the employer may be registered for**
Event ApprovalEmployerEvent Manager (User who created event)Event was approved by career center
Event Attendee Packet GeneratedEmployerEmployer user who generated packetEmployer generates a packet and selects "Email" as a delivery method
Event Company RegistrationEmployerEmployer who registered for career fairEmployer registers for career fair
Event Company Registration Status Updated (to Employer)EmployerEmployer who registered for career fairEmployer registration status was updated by career center (approved, rejected, etc.)
Event Change NotificationStudentStudent registrantEvent date/time and/or location was changed
Event RegistrationStudentStudent registrantStudent registered for an event
Event Reminder*StudentStudent registrantEvent start time was within X number of hours specified in the site settings for events, therefore the event reminder notification went out to the student registrant
Event Follow UpStudentStudent RegistrantSent out within X number of hours specified in the site settings for events. Can be configured with templates.
Event Saved Search NotificationStudentStudent registrantNew search result available based on saved search notification interval (daily or weekly)
Student Added to Waitlist For EventStudentStudent registrantStudent registered for an event's waitlist
Student Registered for Event from WaitlistStudentStudent registrantStudent promoted to an event registrant from the waitlist
Student Removed from Event WaitlistStudentStudent registrantCareer center user removed student from waitlist

Event Notification Settings:

An Event Reminder email will not be sent to students unless the "hours prior" setting is configured and the notification is enabled. Leave the "hours prior" setting blank to disable this reminder."

Event Follow Up emails need to be configured for a specific number of hours after the end time of an event.

If your students do not reliably register for events, and you find yourself programming their registration and attendance after the event is over, please make sure to provide yourself enough time to enter their registrations to ensure they receive the Event Follow up email. 

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