Student User Roles

Career Center Users can manage student access to their sites through Student User Roles. Student User Roles allow students access to specific modules of the site. For example, if you as a career center user wanted a student to have access to events and appointments, but not job postings, you could create a Student User Role with exactly that set of permissions.


  1. How to Create Student User Roles
  2. How to Assign Student User Roles


How to Create Student User Roles

  1. Navigate to the Manage Users page via your Site Management setting
  2. Select Students & Alumni
  3. Select Roles
  4. Select + Add New User Role

  5. Select the desired permissions for students who will have this user role


How to Assign Student User Roles

You can assign a user role to multiple students at once by using the Student & Alumni Directory Bulk Update tool, through the Data Upload Tool, or by editing an individual Student's profile and toggling the User Role value:







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