Virtual Events (Time Slots)

This article details the setup and configuration of "Time Slot" event types, e.g., "Coffee Chats" or "Mock Interviews"


Looking for information on virtual events? Check it out here. Job Fairs? Check it out here.



Setting Up a Virtual Time Slot Event


Creating a virtual time slot event is easy- simply set the "Event Format" drop down to "Virtual" and then, indicate that a room on the schedule is virtual. 



Please Note - The "Event Format" field is not required to be set to "Virtual" in order for the virtual meeting URL component to show on the schedule for time slot events, however it is recommended. For example, you could have an event "On Campus" that also has a virtual room.




Step 1) Set "Event Format = Virtual"


Step 2) Select "Edit Room" under "Schedule Actions," then check the "Virtual" check box 


What Happens Once An Event Is "Virtual"


Once a time slot event is setup as a virtual event, the virtual component will appear for each room on the event's schedule, where an admin or employer can add a virtual meeting URL. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, GoToMeeting URLs can be identified and will reveal their corresponding logo once added.



Please note, we have added a new "Schedule" tab functionality for time slotted events to streamline event schedule management.




How Will I Know If An Event Is Missing A Virtual Meeting URL?


If an event is missing a virtual meeting URL, a red badge entitled "Virtual Meeting URL Missing" will appear below the event information header. Additionally, you may use the "Virtual Meeting URL Missing" filter on the event list page to identify virtual events that have not yet had a virtual meeting URL added to them.



What Do Students/Alumni See? What about calendar sync?


Students and alumni will see the virtual meeting URL for the event once they select a time slot, and the URL will also be present as the "Location" in a calendar sync object or .ICS file. A student will only be provided with the virtual meeting URL for the room they have registered for.


If a student/alumni registers for an event and the URL has not yet been added, the calendar sync object will be re-synced once the URL is added.



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