What is a Job Phase?

12Twenty offers five job phases to collect student outcome data, found on the Jobs and Job Offers tab of a student profile: Work Experience, Post Graduation, Internship, During School, and Before School

However, the naming of each job phase can be customized for each school. Here are common names of job phases for different school types.

Please Note: You may not have certain Job Phases enabled on your site. If you'd like to inquire about adding additional Job Phases on your site, please reach out to 12twenty Support.

  • Undergraduate School: Work Experience, Post Graduation, Internship

  • Law School: Work Experience, Post JD, Summer Job, During JD, Pre JD

  • Business: Work Experience, Post MBA, Internship, During School, Pre MBA

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add Job Phases I don't see on my platform?
Please reach out to the 12twenty Support Team. Not all Job Phases are available for all sites as it is dependent on the Tier of ODA you have purchased.

Why doesn't the Alumni "Work Experience" Job Phase show for users yet?
The "Work Experience" Job Phase becomes available on May 31 of the year following the user's Graduation Year. For example:
- Graduation Year = 2021 > "Work Experience" becomes available on May 31, 2022
- Graduation Year = 2022 > "Work Experience" becomes available on May 31, 2023
- Graduation Year = 2023 > "Work Experience" becomes available on May 31, 2024

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