Student User - How do I report an Outcome?

To report an outcome as a student user:

  1. You will automatically be directed to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of the student’s profile. Select the Job Phase to report an outcome for, and select Report Status

  2. Select the appropriate outcome survey


    • Pending Job – A received job offer

    • Accepted Job – A job that has been accepted

    • Sponsored Job – A job where an employer is financially sponsoring education and the student intends to return to that employer for a guaranteed position

    • Own Venture – A business that the student is starting

    • Still Seeking Employment – A student has not found a job and is still seeking employment

    • Continuing Education – Adding a degree a student expects to earn at the end of their program

    • Postponing Job Search – Not seeking a job for other reasons

  3. Fill in the survey questions. All fields marked with an (*) are required.

  4. Select Submit

  5. The reported outcome will now appear on the student’s Jobs and Job Offers tab



  1. What is the difference between a pending job or internship and an accepted job or internship?
    A pending job or internship is a received job offer, while an accepted job or internship is a job offer that has been accepted by the student.

  2. When should I use the pending job outcome survey?
    Use the "pending job" outcome survey if you have completed the interview process and have received a job offer, but have not yet accepted it.

  3. Can I convert a pending job to an accepted job?
    Submitting a pending job outcome survey displays as an offer received on the student's profile, and can be converted to an accepted job by selecting the ellipsis on the right side of the outcome to expand a dropdown list. Select Accept from this list to accept the job.










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