Experiential Learning Overview

12Twenty’s Experiential Learning module allows Career Center admin users to create customized Experiential Learning questionnaires and upload PDF form documents, which students can then complete and submit for review, along with providing an optional hour log, and any other Career Center documentation.


  1. Pre-Configuration of Module
  2. Experiential Learning Site Settings: General
  3. Experiential Learning Site Settings: Notifications
  4. Submission of Experiential Learning Request (Student)
  5. Initial Approval of Experiential Learning Request (Admin)
  6. Experiential Learning Status & Triggers
  7. Reporting on Experiential Learning (Admin)
  8. FAQ

Pre-Configuration of Module

Before rolling out the Experiential Learning module, you will need to configure your Pick List for the Type of Experiential Learning as well as provide your Account Manager / 12Twenty Support Team several elements that will allow for a tailored experience for your students when reporting Experiences.  Please note that from the time that your configuration requirements are provided (and clarified) by the 12Twenty team, the estimated completion time for our Team is approximately 2-4 weeks to incorporate into your platform.  Areas available for configuration:

  • Adding Custom Forms

    • You can add custom forms such as "Student Evaluation of Employer" or "Employer Evaluation of Student". If you would like a custom form added to your site, please contact support@12twenty.com with the following information:

      • What would you like this form to be called?

      • Should this form be tied to a particular experience?

      • Should this form be completed by a student or an employer?

      • If you are a University-Wide school, is this question visible for all Colleges / Schools?

Once our data team has added the custom form to your site, you will be able to select the form and add custom attributes to it.

Experiential Learning Site Settings: General

Experiential Learning site settings can be configured by Type of Experience, or set to a default for all of your system’s types of experiences.  From the “General” tab of your Experiential Learning Settings section, you can configure the following:

  • Messages: Allows for configuration of banner messaging to your students on various pages/sections of the Experiential Learning module, allowing for you to provide guidance, resources, or any University rules/regulations.

  • Hour Log: You can determine if you would like for students to submit an hour log for their Experience by selecting yes or no.mceclip3.png
  • Approval: You are able to select from your Career Center Admin users that have Experiential Learning approval permission access to serve as an approver for submitted Experiential Learning requests.
  • You can specify one or more approvers for both the Initial and Final approval of Experiential Learning
    • Initial = Approval of student’s original submission request to partake in Experiential Learning, giving the student permission to proceed with their Experiential Learning.
    • Final = Approval of student’s completed Experiential Learning (including submitted forms, hours, documents, etc…) If multiple approvers are selected as either the Initial or Final approver, then the Experiential Learning will not be marked as “complete” until all approvers have signed off.
    • Please Note: Any Career Center Admin user who has the credentials “School Admin” will be permitted access to serve as an Experiential Learning approver, and will default to being visible in your “Approval” picklist selections.

Experiential Learning Site Settings: Notifications

Admins may configure the wording of system-generated email messages sent to Students and Admins via the Notification tab.  Clicking the ellipsis button, and selecting Edit will allow the user to configure the wording of emails, as well as determine if the email should be enabled or disabled.



Submission of Experiential Learning Request (Student)

Students can submit their request to have their Experiential Learning approved by the Career Center admin team by following the below steps:

  1. Click on “Experiential Learning” on the left-hand navigation

  2. Select “+New Experience”

  3. Complete the form

    • Please note: If any custom questions were added to the Experiential Learning form by the 12Twenty Data Team, they will display on this form for the student to complete.

  4. Save

  5. The Experiential Learning details are saved in draft status until the student selects the “Submit for Approval” button, or while in draft status, the student can select the Action button to Edit or Delete.

  6. Once the student clicks “OK” to submit, the Experiential Learning is marked as “Pending Initial Approval” for the Career Center Admin to approve.

Initial Approval of Experiential Learning Request (Admin)

When the Career Center admin who processes the initial Experiential Learnings is logged in, they can view all of their pending approvals by completing the below steps.

  1. Either click on the Bullhorn icon, and select “Experiences” OR click on Experiential Learning on the left-hand navigation, and select the “My Approvals” tab.

  2. From this screen, you can click on the ellipsis button to email an individual student, click on the student’s name to navigate to their profile, or click on the Employer's name to open the details of the reported Experience.

  3. From the Experience, you may review reported details, and by clicking on the “Action” button, you can take the following direction (Please note: all system-generated email wording can be configured via your Experiential Learning site settings - Notification tab.)

    • Approve: Click to approve the student’s initial Experience request.

    • Request Additional Information: If you require further details, you can click on Request Additional Details, where you’ll be able to send an email with the information needed.

      • Please Note: If any approver selects “Request Additional Information” the Experience will return back to the student and allow the student to edit the experience and resubmit their request. 

    • Deny: Denying a student’s Experience request will stop the approval process, requiring the student to submit a new request.

    • Edit: Modify any of the submitted details.

    • Delete: Remove the Experience altogether from having been reported.

  4. After the approvers included in the approval flow have approved the Experience, the tag will change from “Pending Initial Approval” to “In Progress”.

Experiential Learning Status & Triggers

Below is a list of Status and what actions trigger the status change

Status User Actions that Update Status
Draft Student When a student initially saves an Experience Request but has not submitted it for Initial Approval yet.
Pending Initial Approval Student When the student formally submits the Experience Request for initial approval or resubmits an Experience Request for Initial Approval.
Needs More Information (Initial) Admin During the initial approval process, the admin marks the action of "Request Additional Information".
Approval Denied (Initial) Admin If an Admin deems a student ineligible for the Experience Request, the Admin can select this status.
In Progress Admin When Admin approves an Experience Request from the Initial Approval.
Pending Final Approval Student When a student completes the experience and is ready to submit the experience for Final Approval.
Needs More Information (Final) Admin During the final approval process, the admin marks the action of "Request Additional Information"
Approval Denied (Final) Admin If an Admin deems that the student has not completed the requisites for completing the Experience, an Admin can select this status.
Complete Admin When the Admin has approved the Final Approval, the experience will be marked as complete.


Reporting on Experiential Learning (Admin)

Career Center Admin is able to report on student’s Experiential Learning via the Custom Reports, where reports can be run for attributes such as:

  • Experiential Learning Status (Draft, Pending Initial Approval, Completed, etc…)

  • Type of Experiential Learning

  • Total hours

  • Employer


You can dictate any applicable filters and columns of data you wish to display, as well as save the report if you are running this query periodically, or export it to Excel for any further data manipulation needed.




We have added a custom required attribute to our EL module - how will that affect historical experiences and experiences in progress?

New submissions will require the attribute. Old experiences will not be affected, although depending on the required status of the field, it may ask you to fill it out when approving or editing. 

When approval is denied for an experience, will students be able to resubmit that experience?

No, students will have to create a new experience if the approval was denied. When an admin rejects an experience, they will see a pop-up that will allow them to provide a reason for rejection.


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