How To Duplicate an Event

  1. Select the specific event.
  2. Click the top right Action button, followed by the "Duplicate" option.

  3. Select "OK" to confirm.

  4. The duplicated event will be in draft status and “Duplicate-” will be appended to the event name.

  • Pro tip: The Duplicate an Event feature is very useful for universities that host similar events year over year. It is important to be diligent in editing the newly-created duplicate event to include the correct information (e.g. remove “Duplicate-” from the Event Name, update the Event Date/Registration Dates/Publish Date, and ensure the Student Groups in the Who Can View & Attend section are properly set).
  • Please note that employer event date preferences are not editable fields for the admins in a duplicated event. They are only meant for the employer to request dates for the event. So if an admin duplicates the event, they will not be able to set preferred dates. Moreover, these dates are not visible to students, they are just preferences between the employer and admin.

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