2023 Software Release Notes

March 21st, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements

Admin Groups

Admin Groups are now live! Admin groups allow users to be segmented by the student & alumni populations they work with (e.g. an Engineering School admin group, a Business School admin group, etc.), and can also be utilized by an Alumni Relations team (e.g. an Alumni Office admin group). Inclusion in an admin group determines the students displayed to a user in the Students & Alumni Directory, as well as the outcomes a user can interact with. To learn more and begin configuring admin groups for your platform, click here!



With the introduction of Admin Groups, the visibility selection on Activities (Notes, Tasks, & Meetings) has been updated to allow for more nuanced control. The visibility options include: Everyone, Me Only, or Custom, which allows you to specify visibility by Student Groups & Admin Groups. Visibility options on Custom Reports now also include: EveryoneMe Only, or the Custom option that allows you to specify Admin Groups. Admin homepage announcements include an option to specify admin group visibility as well.




Employer users can now indicate if they would like to share their email with candidates on sign up! When an employer has indicated they would like to share their email address, the default visibility of the pending contact record will be set to 'Myself, all career advisers, and all students.' Note that other sensitive contact attributes (i.e. Phone Number and Address fields) are not visible to student users by default.



Bulk Data Upload Tool

When uploading new outcomes via the Bulk Data Upload Tool, any Employer values that are not already included in your Employer Directory are now automatically created! This eliminates the need to upload any missing employers before a new outcome upload.



🛠 Fixed

  • Survey on Login - Resolved an issue that allowed some student users to bypass required star rating attributes when presented with Survey on Login.
  • Career Fairs - Resolved an issue that resulted in some pending employer registrations to be missing schedule selections.



March 13th, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements


Admins can now post dedicated announcements to the students & alumni, employer, or admin homepages! The all-new announcements interface supports visibility by Student Group and/or College, the ability to set an expiration date, the option to pin announcements to the top, image and video embedding, and more! To learn more about the new announcements functionality, click here. Please note that the General Configuration 'Homepage' site setting page will be deprecated in April 2023, and any current announcements configured there will need to be moved to the new announcements interface.annoncements.jpg



Contact Auto-Sync has arrived! Auto-sync allows you to spend less time managing your Contact Directory, by automatically transferring any employer user updates to your contacts. The following employer user updates are synced over to contact records: Name, Job Title, Employer, Email, Address, Phone, and Profile Photo. Auto-sync can be enabled/disabled on a contact profile as needed, and all updates are tracked in the contact audit log for reference.




The pending contact approvals page now supports two new actions: Approve & Assign Role, and Reject & Revoke Access! Use the new 'Approve & Assign Role' action to easily approve multiple contacts and assign them to any employer user role. The 'Reject & Revoke Access' action allows you to reject contacts and automatically revoke their access to your platform.



Student & Alumni Directory

Students with access to the Student & Alumni Directory can now share their primary resume with other students & alumni! Resume sharing is controlled by a new dedicated account setting, and when enabled, students will see a 'Shared' badge on their primary resume. Shared resumes will appear on student & alumni profiles as a new dedicated tab.




Admins now have the ability to withdraw a student from an OCI Round with a single click! To withdraw a student from all job postings within an OCI round, navigate to the Applicants Summary for a specific round and use the more actions menu on any student row to select "Withdraw from round."




🛠 Fixed

  • Document Review - Auto-Approve Resume has been added as a column to the Bulk Upload Tool's template, allowing admins to enable auto-approve for students in bulk.
  • Job Postings - Resolved an issue that prevented some admins from successfully merging Job Type picklist values.


March 2nd, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements

Outcome Survey

Survey settings are now manageable by Graduation Term! Admins may now lock/unlock outcome surveys, enable/disable Survey on Login, and mange post-outcome survey messaging by graduation term. To manage your survey settings, navigate to the Outcome Survey site setting page.



🛠 Fixed

  • 12twenty Passport - Resolved an issue that prevented admins from checking students in for events or appointments after scanning 12twenty passports.
  • Events - Resolved an issue that caused the QR code PDF to download as two pages for some events. The generated PDF now consistently downloads as a one-page PDF file.



February 28th, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements


An all-new 'Analytics' tab is now available for admins on each event! The analytics tab of events includes data on the total number of views, impressions, registrants and confirmed attendance for the last 90 days. Admins may select 'View Demographics' within an Analytics tile to view an additional breakdown of the data by Ethnicity, Gender, Graduation Year, and Program.




The contacts tab of employer profiles now includes a new sub-tab for admin users: 12twenty Network Contacts! The 12twenty Network Contacts tab lists any contacts that recruit with 12twenty and are confirmed to be at the same employers your institution already has a relationship with. Admins may view these contacts' Name, Title, and Location, and begin building new relationships with them by selecting Send Email.



Engagement Directory

Student and alumni users with access to the Engagement Directory now have access to a history of emails they have sent to other students & alumni from the directory! To access sent emails, open the user settings menu in the bottom left hand corner and select Email History.




For time-slot style events, a new 'Schedule Missing' badge will appear for admin users as a helpful reminder that this event will require time slots to allow students to register. To dismiss the 'Schedule Missing' badge, simply add a schedule.




February 24th, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements

Experiential Learning

The Experiential Learning module now has a dedicated admin contact setting! When configured, all replies to automatic EL email notifications are directed to the Career Center Contact for Experiential Learning.



Audit Logs

All audit log exports across the platform now include user email addresses for each entry!




🛠 Fixed

  • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that caused the “skip” option not to display for some alumni users when presented with Survey on Login for the Work Experience job phase.
  • Student Groups - Resolved an issue that prevented admins from creating new internal-only Student Groups.
  • Contact Directory - Resolved an issue that caused the Contact Directory’s Join Date filter to inconsistently return accurate results.



February 21st, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements

Job Postings

Admins now have the option to hide external application instructions from job postings, such that students must navigate through the full application workflow to view the employer's external application instructions. To hide external application instructions, set the following attributes to not visible for students: Apply via Email Details, Apply Externally URL, and External Job ID.


Students viewing jobs will see that the employer has requested they apply via email and/or external URL, but will not see the associated details until they select the Apply button on 12twenty.


Career Fairs

For career fairs utilizing employer schedules, admins can now set the number of hours prior to an employer meeting that the student may no longer cancel. This setting is defaulted to 24 hours, i.e. students may no longer cancel career fair employer meetings they have scheduled 24 hours before the start of each meeting.



🛠 Fixed

  • Custom Reports - Resolved an issue where the set order of columns on custom reports was not respected.
  • Custom Reports - Resolved an issue that caused the Owner column of custom note reports not to populate as expected.
  • Manage Users Page - Resolved an issue that prevented admins with custom user roles from accessing the Manage Student Users and Manage Employer Users pages. The relevant admin user role permission has been renamed to "Can Manage Users" for clarity.



February 10th, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements

Data Upload Tool

Admins can now update outcomes in bulk using the Data Upload Tool! To update outcomes, start by downloading a fresh outcome upload template for a specific job phase. The unique identifier for outcomes (column A on the template) is the 12twenty ID of each outcome, which can be found via a Custom Outcome Report. Please note that the Job Phase and Job/Outcome Type properties can not be updated using the Data Upload Tool.



OCI & Job Listings

Admins can now customize the naming of the OCI & Job Listings module! To customize the naming, navigate to the new Module Customization section of the OCI & Job Listings site setting page. Set a Custom Module Name, which will affect the display name of the module on the left hand navigational panel/list page for all users, and set a Custom OCI Tab Name, which will affect the naming of the module's dedicated OCI tab.




🛠 Fixed

  • Students - Resolved an issue that prevented admin users from making updates to a student profile associated to an inactive assigned advisor.



February 6th, 2023

🥳 New Features/Improvements


Multi-School Events are now live! Multi-School Events allow employer users to post a single event to multiple schools via the employer portal. To learn more about reviewing, approving, and managing Multi-School Events, click here.image__8_.png


Career Fairs

For virtual career fairs with scheduling, helpful informational text is now displayed to admins and employers below the general meeting room. The general meeting room provides a "virtual booth," where students who have not scheduled individual meetings with the employer may join virtually.



For virtual career fairs with scheduling, the platform now auto-sets all employer schedules to 'virtual'. Admins and employers may still add virtual meeting URLs and additional details as needed for each schedule.




🛠 Fixed

  • Students - Resolved an issue that inadvertently removed the 'decline to state' option from standard fields such as Ethnicity and Gender.
  • Appointments - Resolved an issue where the Default Appointment Time interval site setting prevented some student users from successfully booking an appointment.
  • Events - Resolved a formatting error with the virtual meeting URLs provided to student users on the My Calendar page.



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