2020 Software Release Notes

December 31st, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Standard Reports (Law) - All law school students now have a unique ABA Graduate ID, generated by 12twenty and used to identify them on the ABA Format Report. More information on how ABA Graduate IDs are assigned to students, where they are used, and how to identify a student's ID can be found here
  • Standard Reports (Law) - The 'Pursuing Graduate Degree Full Time' row of the ABA Report's Employment Status table was updated to 'Enrolled in Graduate Studies' to reflect the updated guideline (part-time enrollment is now accepted for the Enrolled in Graduate Studies category). The clerkship rows of the ABA Report's Employment Type table have also been updated to reflect the new ABA clerkship categories:
    • 'State & Local' was updated to 'State, Local & Territorial'
    • 'Tribal' was added
    • 'International' was added
    • 'Other' was removed
    • no change to 'Federal'
  • OCI - The application deadline shown for each OCI job posting will now reflect the last application deadline for students when multiple OCI periods allow students to apply. If you're using a hybrid Employer Registration/Student Application period followed by a standard Student Application period, this will reduce application deadline confusion for students!
  • Attributes - A new field type, Numeric ID, is now available. Use "numeric ID" as a field type for attributes that collect strings of numbers where the numerical value is irrelevant (e.g. a "for office use only" code or a zip code).



  • Outcomes - Resolved an issue where students using platforms with a single outcome limit were able to add a second outcome via the student dashboard. The single outcome limit on the Post Grad job phase is now respected again.
  • OCI - Resolved an issue where a student's 'Withdrawn from Interview' status was not displayed properly on Custom Applicant Reports using the Student Decision column.
  • OCI - Resolved an issue where some application packets were not reflecting the correct room number order.
  • Employer Users - The job title input on the employer user sign up form has been re-named to Your Job Title, to reduce instances of employer users inputting the job title they are hiring for, rather than their job title.
  • Student Dashboard - Resolved an issue where some students were not seeing upcoming scheduled interviews in the Upcoming tile of the student dashboard.


December 19th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Application Packets - Users can now download an application packet for individual rooms within an OCI or time-slot style event! To do so, use the Room Actions menu next to any individual schedule to select Download Application Package:




  • Calendar Sync - Resolved an issue where recurring appointment blocks were not always syncing properly to a user's personal calendar.
  • Custom Reports - Resolved an issue where public custom reports were not visible to admins assigned to a custom career center user role.


December 10th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Employers - Schools using our Outcome and Data Analytics platform, without our ERM and CSM suite of tools, will now see the "Employers" option on the left hand navigation panel as well as the Custom Employer Report option in Custom Reports. 
    • Select "Employers" to navigate to the Employer Directory, where you are able to Edit, Merge, or Reject approved employers in your system. 
    • Use the Custom Employer Report to create a detailed report of the employers in your system.


  • Job Fairs - Resolved an issue where some employers were receiving an error when registering for a job fair, caused by custom registration fields mapped to unique event types.
  • Outcomes - Resolved an issue where students were unable to select "No" when presented with the Are you still seeking employment? question on their profile.
  • Student Groups - Corrected an issue that showed Internal Only student groups to students under the Eligibility section of job postings. Internal Only student groups will no longer show to students when looking at job postings.
  • Analytics - Job Posting and Event analytics can take several seconds to load, but the Analytics window was not indicating that it was loading. A spinning animation is now shown while loading so you know it's working to retrieve your data!



December 5th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Analytics - The performance of the view/click analytics for job postings and events has been improved. To access view and click metrics for a job posting or event, select the new "Analytics" option at the top of the page.
  • Filters - The order of available filters displayed throughout the platform has been updated. Relevant and frequently used filters will now be shown first (e.g. student attribute filters will be shown first on the Student Directory; job posting attribute filters will be listed first when creating a Custom Job Posting Report).
  • API - OCI Interviewer information will now be returned when querying an applicable job posting via the Job Posting endpoint. The property will be returned as a collection and includes the contact ID of the interviewer as well as the IsVisibletoStudents value. Here's an example of the new returned "Interviewers" property:
  • Resume Approval - The student audit log now records an audit entry when admins set or revoke a student's "auto-approval" status.
  • Substitution Tag - By popular demand, the StudentName substitution tag used in email notifications will no longer pull in Middle Name values (e.g. for student user David Noah Klein will come across as ).
  • Candidate Search - The pending Access Requests approvals page, where admins approve employer requests to access student resumes via Candidate Search, has been renamed to Employer Partner Requests for clarity.
  • OCI - The detailed Applicant Summary Export, available via the OCI Management page, now includes a Job Posting ID column that displays the 12twenty job posting ID for each row of data.
  • Research Tools - The "School/Network" filter that allows users to access the 12twenty Shared Data Network has been renamed to "Data Source" for clarity.



  • Events - Resolved an issue where admins were not able to download document packets for events unless both schedules and resumes were included in the packet. Admins can now download a document packet with only resumes, only schedules, or both.
  • Events - Resolved an issue where some "Employer Contacts in Attendance" were unable to be removed from an event.
  • Data Upload Tool - Resolved an issue where the data upload tool was not accepting special characters or accents used in student names (e.g. é, ñ, or ï).
  • Picklists - Resolved an issue where certain custom picklist values could not be merged.
  • OCI - Resolved an issue where some students scheduled for interviews were showing inaccurate scheduling conflicts.



November 21st, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Employers & Contacts- The approvals page for pending employers and pending contacts has a brand new look! Improved functionality includes the ability to bulk approve/reject pending items, a new "Source" column that provides crucial context, a "User" and "User Type" column that tells you who added each pending item, and the ability to filter by Source.
    • Note that the updated approvals page can now be accessed via the Notifications option on the left hand navigation panel, where all pending action items are listed. Select 'Contacts' to navigate to your pending contacts list, and select 'Employers' to navigate to your pending employers list.
    • To merge or reject approved contacts/employers: Navigate to the Contact or Employer Directory, select a record, and use the action menu on the contact or employer profile to Merge or Reject.
    • To locate rejected records: Navigate to the Contact or Employer Directory, and use the new Approval Status filter to filter for "Rejected".
  • Employer Profile - Help text has been added to the Update Employer Link and AutoSync options on the employer profile.
  • OCI - OCI rooms are now numbered (e.g. Room #1, Room #2, etc.) on the Schedule tab of the OCI as well as the schedule export. This functionality has also been added to time slot style events.
  • Calendar Sync - When a user disables 2-way calendar sync in their Account Settings ("sync from my personal calendar to 12twenty"), all future personal calendar events will now be removed from their 12twenty calendar.


  • Attributes - Resolved an issue where help text added to some standard attributes was not displaying for student users.
  • Employers - When attempting to merge two employers that can not be merged, a friendly error with context on why the employers may not be merged will be displayed.



November 13th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Appointments - To provide clarity to students on their appointment frequency limit (as configured by admins in site settings), we will now show a message explaining why they are unable to book an appointment if the limit has been reached (e.g. "This appointment block may not be booked. Your upcoming appointment limit of 2 appointments has been reached.").
  • Experiential Learning - The Experiential Learning Type attribute is now configurable, and admins may re-name the attribute as needed!
  • Filters - Select filters now have an "is empty" checkbox, so users can easily filter for results where that attribute is missing a value (i.e. null values).
  • Calendar Sync - When an OCI interview is carried over to a student's personal calendar, the Virtual Meeting URL and additional instructions (if applicable) will now be shown at the top of the calendar event's description.



  • Data Upload Tool - Resolved an issue where new contact uploads with city/state values uploaded successfully without the city/state.
  • Job Postings - Resolved an issue where the default application start and end time did not always load for employer-duplicated job postings.



November 6th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Attributes - Standard attributes on the Background tab (Personal section) of the student profile can now be made "view-only" for students. To do so, edit the attribute in your site settings and toggle the student permission "Editable" to Off.
  • API - The 12Twenty API will now return a friendly 429 error when the daily call or concurrent call limit is exceeded.


  • Appointments - Resolved an issue where an appointment could not be booked if duration settings for the appointment type & student group were not set.
  • OCI - Resolved an issue where inactive OCIs were included in bulk actions on the OCI Management page.
  • Career Fairs  - Resolved an issue where some employer users were not shown the option to add "additional contacts" when registering for a career fair.




October 30th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Virtual - The 12Twenty platform-wide zoom integration is now available! Easily add/create zoom meetings with a single click across events, job fairs, appointments and interviews. For all of the details, check out our Zoom integration academy article.



October 29th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Data Upload Tools (Notes) - A note "Owner" column is now available in the upload tool, which allows you to specify which user owns/authored the note you are uploading.
  • Employer Profile - The quality of the hero image has been increased. This will apply to new uploads going forward.
  • Research Tools (Settings)- We've added a new setting within Site Settings Research Tools that allows you to determine whether or not students/alumni viewing research tools can view data from all programs, or just data from their own program. For example, if you have FTMBA, EMBA and Undergrad Business programs on your site instance, and only want students/alumni to data from the program they are associated with, enable this setting.



  • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could allow a student to book an appointment outside of a block if the block overlapped with a personal appointment.
  • Job Fairs - Resolved an issue that allowed students to view virtual meeting URLs for job fairs before registering
  • OCI - Resolved an issue that could prevent a zoom meeting URL from updating on a students' calendar after the interview had already synced.
  • Picklists - Resolved an issue that could cause an error when reordering picklist values
  • Site Settings (Data Export) - Resolved an issue that could cause a "Server Error" to appear when running the full data export
  • Students (Past Education) - Added the current year to the Past Graduation Years picklist values



October 23rd, 2020


  • Data Export - Resolved an issue where full data export files were displaying an error upon download.
  • Employer User Sign Up - Signup verification codes now have a three hour expiration window (previously, codes expired in one hour).
  • Standard Reports - Resolved an issue that caused some ABA Report exports to display an error upon download.
  • Events - Resolved an issue where "Additional Instructions" were not displayed to students joining virtual time slot style events.

October 16th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Virtual - All virtual URLs can now be accompanied by additional instructions, if desired. The student will see the additional instructions when selecting the URL, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Students (Attributes) - We've heard from so many of you that Clubs & Organizations are a huge part of student life, and that you'd love to see this as a standard attribute on the site, so today we're delivering! We've made a new standard attribute available for students called "Clubs & Organizations." The best part is that you can customize the list of clubs and organizations however you'd like, and map the values to the main 12Twenty Clubs & Organizations list. We'll be making this attribute available as a filter in the research tools that can be reported across the 12Twenty Network in the near future once enough data is collected.
  • Filters (Dates) - Added 2 new relative date filter options - Last/Next Week, and Last/Next 365 Days.
  • Login (Security) - We've added Google ReCaptcha to all login pages for enhanced security. Please note that users will not see any changes on the login page during day to day logins, and the recaptcha will only appear if the site detects malicious behavior.
  • Calendar Sync - Reliability improvements for the calendar sync service



  • Candidate Search (Access Requests) - Resolved an issue that caused a "Sorry" error to appear when loading the Candidate Search access request page.
  • OCI (Applicant Summary Export) - Resolved an issue that prevented interview start and end times from appearing in the applicant summary export
  • OCI (Notifications) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Job Posting Closed (OCI)" notification from being sent
  • Student Groups (Filters) - Students can no longer see internal student groups in the list of options when filtering via the Student Group attribute


October 11th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Events (Time Slot) - Virtual time slot events have arrived! Check out the 12Twenty Academy article to get all of the details on how you can integrate virtual meetings directly within your time slotted event rooms.
  • Events (Time Slot) - We've added the ability to email all registrants within a room without having to select each one. We also are aware of the request to pull an application packet per room and are working hard to get this completed soon!
  • Work Authorization  - Updated the detailed work authorization option "Deferred Action Employment Authorization (DACA)" to be categorized as "Permanent Work Authorization"



  • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could prevent a user from ordering the "Appointment Type" picklist
  • Employers (API Endpoint) - Newly added properties on the employer endpoint were previously not available to the API user, therefore when an API user updated an employer, the fields were cleared out. We've since added these properties, so the following information can be retrieved and updated. Note - We usually provide ample notice for these types of updates but due to the marginal amount of time in between discovering this and fixing, we made the decision to add the fields right away to prevent additional issues.
    • Core Company ID
    • Core Company Name
    • IsAutoSyncEndabled
    • LogoImageFileId
    • HeroImageFileId
    • Overview
    • LinkedinProfileUrl
    • TwitterProfileUrl
    • FacebookProfileUrl
    • InstagramProfileUrl
    • LocationAddress
  • Events (Deleting) - Events can no longer be deleted if they have registrants. The registrants must first be removed, or the event can be canceled.
  • Job Postings (Deleting) - Job postings can no longer be deleted if they have applicants. The applicants must first be removed, or the job posting can be deactivated.
  • OCI (Automated Schedule Release) - Resolved an issue that could result in an employer receiving an automated schedule release notification for an inactive job posting
  • OCI (OCI Management) - Deactivated OCIs are no longer included on any page within OCI management
  • OCI (Rotational Schedules) - Resolved an issue that prevented the 2nd virtual meeting URL information from showing for student applicants on the job posting detail page
  • Student & Alumni Directory - Resolved an issue that could show incorrect results when using the "Last Log In Date" filter


October 1st, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • OCI (OCI Period Rules) - A new OCI period rule has been created that can automatically promote an alternate into an open time slot, as opposed to just receiving an email that a slot has opened up. The new OCI period rule, "Automatically add promoted alternates to the schedule if a slot is available," must be enabled in order for this new feature to work. If you already have an active OCI round that you would like to enable this feature for, you will need to edit the OCI period and re-add it to your OCI round. Additionally, here are a few notes on this new feature:
    • The "Auto Accept Interviews" setting must be enabled for the associated OCI round in order for this rule to apply
    • Candidates will only be promoted to an open interview slot if another candidate withdraws. This behavior will not occur if an admin withdraws a candidate.
    • The "Interview Scheduled" email will be sent to the promoted candidate
  • Research Tools (Salary Database) - Graduation years with no data no longer show in the results!



  • Application Documents (URL) - Resolved an issue that allowed students to register for an event even though a URL was required.
  • Job Fairs - The virtual meeting component will be displayed only once on multi-day career fairs. The closest non-past date will be selected for the countdown.
  • Research Tools - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Detailed" Job Source attribute from being used on the Salary Database.
  • Resume Books - Resolved an issue that could prevent a student from applying to a resume book.
  • Student Groups (Filters) - Internal student groups no longer show to employers or students in filters on list pages or the candidate search page
  • Standard Reports (MBA CSEA) - Added an industry/function type dropdown to the ‘Generate and Export Report’ modal.


September 25th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Student/Alumni Audit Log - A long time feature request has arrived! Any edits made by career center, student/alumni, and API users to the  profile are included in the audit log. This includes changes to all sections of the Background + Admin tabs of the student profile, as well as student outcomes (add, edit, and delete). We also beefed up the audit log with collapse/expand functionality and export capabilities through the platform. The 12Twenty Academy article on the new student/alumni audit log can be found here- Student Audit Log

  • Events (Virtual) - As communicated to administrators earlier this week, we made a number of updates to the event form, specifically relating to the "Location" field, so that it is always accessible:
    • Event Create/Edit Form Updates
      • The "Location" field is now always available on the event creation/edit form, even if a user selects "Event Format = Virtual.
      • During event creation, when a user selects "Event Format = Virtual," the "Location" field is now defaulted to the text "Virtual" (only if the field is empty). This field is a text field and can be edited.
      • The "Event Format" and "Location" fields have been moved up the form, below the "Event Name" and "Event Type" fields.
      • A notification message will appear below the "Event Format" field indicating that a virtual meeting URL can be added on the next page.
    • Notifications, .ICS files and Calendar Sync Objects (General & Time Slot Events Only)
      • The "Location" field will contain the virtual meeting URL, if available, otherwise it will show the text specified in the "Location field.
      • The "Description" field will show both the location and virtual meeting URL (if available)
  • Events (Employers In Attendance)- We made a nice design update within the "Employers In Attendance" section of an event. If you recall, a few months back we added the ability to associate multiple contacts to an event, even if they are from different companies. These contacts are now delineated by their employer, making it easier to see which contacts are coming from which employer.



  • Events - Resolved an issue that allowed students to register for canceled events

September 17th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Virtual (Events) - The "video" icon now appears next to virtual events
  • Job Postings - The character limit of the "Apply via URL" has been increased to 1,000 characters



  • Events - Resolved an issue that prevented a job fair from being duplicated
  • Events - Resolved an issue that prevented an admin from switching an event's event type to another event type
  • Events (Virtual) - Resolved an issue that prevented certain events from appearing in the list when using the "Virtual URL Missing" filter
  • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that could prevent a user from saving an experiential learning record if the supervisor section is unable to save
  • Job Fairs - Resolved an issue that could prevent an employer from viewing student registrants
  • Job Fairs - Resolved an issue that prevented admins with the career center user role from being able to update the virtual meeting URL on an employer registration 
  • Outcomes (Clerkships) - Resolved an issue that could prevent a user from saving a clerkship outcome
  • Public Reports - Resolved an issue that could prevent certain picklists from loading properly on a public custom report
  • Research Tools - Resolved an issue that prevented admins with the career center user role from being able to export data from the outcomes index and salary database
  • Virtual (OCI, Events, etc.) - Resolved an issue that prevented a user from adding certain types of Microsoft Teams URLs


September 12th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Virtual (General Events) - We have rolled out the next update for virtual, for general events. Check out the 12Twenty Academy for all of the details. Over the next couple of weeks we will be completing the release with time slot events, appointments and zoom integration.



  • Virtual - Resolved an issue that could cause a Microsoft Teams URL to change once the meeting is joined via the site
  • Events - Resolved an issue that could prevent a registrant from uploading a new resume file
  • Notifications - Resolved an issue that caused certain date/times to appear in 24 hour format instead of 12 hour format



September 9th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Events - Admins now have the ability to associate one or more employer contacts to an event via the event creation form. Looking to add employer contacts for an existing event? Simply edit the event and scroll down to the "Employer Contacts in Attendance" section, where you can add one or more contacts from the auto complete. Contacts can be added from the same or different companies. And of course, any event that a contact is associated to will appear in their profile under the "Events" tab.



  • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could cause timeouts on the appointment landing page for students if many appointment blocks were available alongside a combination of appointment restrictions (max number of appointments, cannot book appointment X number of hours before, etc.)
  • Logos - Adding a logo with a transparent background? The background will no longer be "black" and will instead show a correct white background



September 4th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Virtual OCI - Support for virtual OCIs has arrived! For all the details, click here.
  • Virtual Job Fair - Support for virtual job fairs has arrived! For all the details, click here.
  • "Survey on Login" - Admins "logging in as" a student will now be able to see the same Survey On Login experience that the student sees, and will be able to bypass it using a special Bypass "On Next Login" (Admin Only) option.





August 28th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Room Notes - We upped the max text limit for room notes to 500 characters instead of 250 characters.. Microsoft apparently prefers extra long meeting URLs.




August 20th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Job Fairs - "Registration Types" now support start and end dates and max quantities, perfect for early bird specials or limiting the number of registration types employers can select. We have also upgraded "Additional Items" as well to allow you to specify a total quantity, and a limit per registration.
  • Job Fairs - The primary contact for an employer registration (and subsequently, the invoice) can now be updated!
  • User Impersonation - Using SSO? We will now redirect you back to the admin login instead of the SSO login page for students.



  • Application Packets - Typo "Sharable" has been corrected to "Shareable"
  • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that could prevent students from sharing a form with employers
  • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that could prevent the "Exclude from reporting" selection from saving



August 13th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • OCI & Events (Rooms) - Increased the room note length to 250 characters
  • Experiential Learning - Custom form URLs can now be copied, just in case you need to resend them to a student or employer! Just click on the ellipse icon next to each form to copy the link.
  • Outcomes - Rumor jobs can now be reported for students that have a "Still Seeking Employment" outcome type



  • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that could prevent a user from submitting an EL form if attributes associated with the form are associated to multiple EL types.
  • Student & Alumni Directory - Resolved an issue that caused the headline to display irregularly on the tile view of the list page and the student/alumni profile.



August 9th, 2020


New Features/Improvements



  • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could prevent admins from booking an appointment with a student
  • OCI & Job Listings - Resolved an issue that caused the "Application Status" column to not update between the list page and the "Applied" tab
  • Employers - Resolved an issue that caused the "Employer Profile Sync Approvals" option to show on platforms that are ODA only.



August 4th, 2020



  • Autofill (Chrome) - Chrome autofill functionality has been disabled across all fields on the platform that have an auto complete, for example, student name, city, etc.
  • Appointments (ICS File) - Resolved an issue that could show the incorrect appointment time when using the calendar ICS file download (does not affect calendar sync integration



August 3rd, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Outcomes (Audit Log) - Going forward, changes to approval status will appear in the outcome audit log



  • Employer Profile Sync Approvals - Resolved an issue that caused inactive employers to appear on the sync approval page



July 31st, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Employer Profile Sync Request Page - While this piece of the employer profile project took a little longer than expected, we hope that you appreciate the multiple select capability and new "toast" notification messages that appear upon approval. The Employer Profile Sync Request page allows you to review employer profiles that have been updated, and approve the auto sync function. For example, if you have "12Twenty" as an employer on your site instance, and an employee from 12Twenty updates the profile, a request will be added to the Employer Profile Sync Request page to approve or deny the auto sync feature, which syncs updates the employer makes to their profile going forward. This approval only needs to be done once per employer, and will not appear each time an employer makes an edit. Please Note: Reviewing the employer profile by selecting the employers name in the "12Twenty Network Employer" column beforeapproving it is strongly recommended. If desired, you can disable auto sync for an employer by visiting their profile, and selecting the "Auto Sync" option in the "Action" menu.
    • Pro Tip - If you see the same employer more than once on the page, this most likely means that you have duplicates of the employer in your system. You can merge the employer before or after approving profile auto sync without losing any information.
  • Data Uploads (Employers) - The employer upload and update tool is now available for all site instances, e.g., those with ODA only.
  • Attribute Configuration Tool - The "Star" rating attribute type can now be used as a parent attribute. Time to find out why someone is giving an experience 3 stars or less ;)



  • OCI - Resolved an issue that could prevent a user from changing a date on an OCI schedule




July 30th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Student & Employer Homepage- Due to popular demand, the "Announcements" tile is now the first tile on the student and employer homepage. We also made a few updates to the wording of the tiles on the employer homepage as well.
  • Site To Site Redirect Notice- When an employer selects the "Company Profile" link on the left side navigation, they will now see a redirect notice that explains that they are leaving the site instance and being directed to the 12Twenty Employer Portal.


  • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could prevent an admin from adding a student to an appointment
  • Attributes - LinkedIn URL now appears correctly on sign up
  • Calendar Sync - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Description" of the calendar sync object from being formatted properly for Office365 users.
  • Employer Approvals - Resolved an issue that could cause duplicate employers to appear in the employer approval queue
  • Employer Profile - Users without access to ERM (Employers, Contacts, etc.) will see a limited version of the employer profile if they select the link on the job posting detail page.
  • Events - Resolved an issue on the event list page that caused the "All Future" start date filter to show events in descending order (furthest future event) instead of ascending order (event
  • Events - Resolved an issue that caused different dates to appear within the "Preferred Dates" section of the event request form when editing the event
  • Job Postings - Resolved an issue that prevented a user from submitting a job posting if default application start/end times were configured
  • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that could prevent you from updating the name of an employer associated to an outcome
  • OCI Management - Resolved an issue that caused the "OCI Round" filter to be ignored
  • Settings (Outcomes) - The "Reason for collecting data" field has been updated to support up to 500 characters of text.



July 25th, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Experiential Learning (Custom Forms) - Custom form email notifications have a new substitution tag which will show the user information about who the form is for, e.g., Student Name. For example, if a custom form for an experiential learning record is shared to an employer, you can now add in the "AssociatedEntityInformationList" substitution tag and the student's name, along with the experiential learning "type," will appear so that it is clear to the supervisor which student the form is for.



  • Events (Job Fairs) - Resolved an issue that prevented employer list exports from being generated




July 22nd, 2020


New Features/Improvements

  • Candidate Search - Students will now always show in the "Pending Approval" queue, even if they have opt-ed out of candidate search, which is made possible via a new "Include opted out students" filter. This filter will default to "No," unless you visit the page via the "Resumes" notification item, which will change the filter to "Yes" so that all students are included.



  • Eligibility Section (Job Postings, events, etc.) - Resolved an issue that could cause the a different student group from being selected when completing a form.
  • Student Groups - Resolved an issue that could prevent a newly added student group from being used.
  • Events - Resolved an issue that could prevent an event from being editable
  • Student/Alumni Directory (Bulk Update Tool) - Resolved an issue that caused timeouts when using the "replace and update" bulk update function



July 16th, 2020


  • New Features/Improvements
    • ABA Report (Text Updates)
      • Updated "Export ABA Format" to "Export Employment Questionnaire Report (ABA Format)"
      • Update "Generate and Export Complete Report" to "Export Employment Summary Report"

    • Experiential Learning - "Email Address" is now a required field when adding a supervisor

  • Fixed

    • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that prevented outcomes with visibility customizations from showing on historical outcome forms

    • ERM - Resolved an issue that caused timeout errors when merging employers or contacts

    • Job Postings (Notifications) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Job Posting Closed" notification from being sent to the job posting owner

    • ERM (Target Employers) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Activity Date" from loading properly

    • Custom Reports (Outcomes By Attribute) - Resolve an error that occured when the "Student Group" attribute is selected

    • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could prevent the "Student Group" values from appearing when viewing an appointment block

    • OCI & Job Listings - Resolved an issue that caused the "Load 50 More" button to direct users to the top of the page instead of loading more results

    • Attributes (Dates) - Updated the date picker to highlight today's date

    • Attributes (Custom, date field type) - Resolved an issue that prevented the help bubble from appearing next to these attribute types

    • Student & Alumni Directory (Public Profile) - Resolved an issue that prevented company logos from appearing next to outcomes


July 10th, 2020


  • New Features/Improvements
    • 12Twenty Network-Wide Candidate Search - Interested in getting your students in front of more qualified employers? 12Twenty Candidate Search module on the employer portal allows employers to search for candidates across multiple schools in a single place, using all of the same incredible search and filter technology available to you today. All employer inquiries are approved by an admin, so an employer will never be able to get in touch with your students or alumni unless you approve their request first. Additionally, students and alumni can opt in and out of the listings via account settings. 
    • Job Fairs - The ability to create more than one "Job Fair" event type is now available. To do so, simply edit the "Event Type" picklist to add additional "Job Fair" event types.
    • Job Fairs (Employer Registrations)- The platform now supports the ability to create different employer registration forms per job fair event type. This will allow you to tailor employer registration questions per job fair "type." For example, your "Engineering Job Fairs" employer registration can show certain questions, while the "University-Wide Job Fairs employer registration can show different questions. To configure this, simply add the job fair event types that you would like to have on the site (see previous item above for instructions), and then, associate employer registration attributes to the job fair event type.
    • Events- Admins and Employers can now specify whether or not they would like registrants to register via an external method, in addition to the site, via the new "Additional Registration Method" section on the event form. Additionally, when asked to register via an external method, the registrant will check off a box confirming they have followed the instructions, in order to limit registrants clicking through the registration process rapidly and ignoring the instructions. Please note that this feature is available for both regular event types and job fairs only.
      • "Additional Registration Method" section
      • Checkbox confirming the user has followed the instructions
    • OCI (Schedules) - Previously, reserving a slot only prevented a student from selecting a time slot. Going forward, when using the "auto schedule" function for an OCI schedule, reserving a slot will also prevent the auto scheduler from adding an applicant within it. Additionally, you can reserve slots that have applicants within the slot, ensuring they are not moved out of the slot during the "auto schedule" process.
  • Fixed
    • Attributes (Dates) - Resolved an issue that prevented users from typing in dates into custom date fields
    • Events (Attachments) - Resolved an issue that prevented users from deleting attachments
    • Events (Notifications) - Updated the formatting of the date/time values to properly reflect the “MM/DD/YYYY Time” format.
    • Employer Profile (Events Tile) - Resolved an issue that caused the oldest event to show at the top of the event list instead of the most recent event
    • Student Profile (Applications Tab) - Resolved an issue that prevented the application status column from updating
    • Outcomes (Own Venture) - Resolved an issue that could prevent certain attributes from appearing on the bottom of the own venture form


July 6th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Student Groups - "Internal Only" student groups are now available, which allow you to designate which groups are visible to employers, or not. Please note that a student group can either be visible under the students name or internal only, they cannot be both. We thought of the following use cases... can you think of any others?
      • Create different cohorts of student groups that you do not necessarily need visible to the employer
      • Hide student groups you want to keep around for historical purposes
      • A solution for "invite only" events - Create a student group called "Invite Only," set the student group as "Internal Only" so employers cannot view it, and then create an event with the newly created student group. Students and alumni will not be able to see the event, and you can registrants to the event as they are requested. This was possible before, but the student group had to be visible to employers.
    • OCI (Schedules) - The ability to add, edit and delete breaks is now available. Going forward when adding a time slot, you will now see an option to designate it as a break, or not.
    • Email Address Verification For Students & Alumni - If you do not currently use SSO and would like students or alumni to verify that they are able to receive email at the email address specified in the system, please contact the 12Twenty Support Team.
    • Contacts - The ability to merge a contact is now available on the contact detail page under the "Actions" menu
    • API (Application Documents) - The ability to update a resume's "Approval Status" is now available on the application documents endpoint
    • 12Twenty GPS - 12Twenty Job Listings - We have graduated out of the "12Twenty GPS" era and have henceforth updated the name to "12Twenty Job Listings." You will see this updated on the OCI and Job Listings page and the "Notifications" side menu navigation item. We also updated the "location" icon to a custom 12Twenty logo!
  • Fixed
    • Employer Profile - Social media icons now properly appear
    • Filters (City) - The google powered city filter now functions properly on the student directory
    • Appointments - Copying an appointment block now correctly copies custom fields
    • Target Employers (Students) - The "most recent activity" date now correctly populates with the date of the most recent note, taks or meeting added to the employer
    • Standard Reports (MBA CSEA FTMBA) - The "Programs" drop down has been updated to only show programs that are mapped to the "FTMBA" core program type
    • Student Preferences - The "preferences" modal (Preferred Industry, Preferred Function, etc.) now respects the attributes display name, if configured
    • OCI Management - Resoled an issue that could cause the OCI management page to display an incorrect application deadline date


June 23rd, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Employer Homepage- The employer homepage has received a little summer refresh to bring it more in line with the new look and feel of the platform. Same content, updated design.
    • Experiential Learning - The platform now prevents students from editing an experience if it is Pending Initial Approval or Pending Final Approval
    • Experiential Learning (Approvals) - If an admin changes supervisor email when supervisor approval has not yet occurred and supervisor approval link has already been sent, generate new token/link and re-send approval notification to new supervisor email.
  • Fixed
    • Events (Eligibility) - Resolved an issue that broke out the eligibility section into two sections. No functionality was affected, just a display issue.
    • Experiential Learning (Notifications) - Fixed a typo on the "Approval Needed - Reminder" email notification. A substitution tag was missing a space between the name and the surname of the student.


June 17th, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that prevented users from adding a new employer while completing the EL form
    • Employer Profile- Resolved an issue that could prevent an employer from editing their profile
      • Note - When using the "Login As" feature for employers, the "Company Profile" link will no longer appear on the left side navigation
    • Attributes - Resolved an issue that prevented users using Firefox from adding visibility configurations to custom attributes
    • Picklists - Resolved an issue that caused an error message when adding options to the "Joint Degree Type" picklist
    • Student Profile (Appointments) - Removed the appointment check in button from the student profile. Attendance check in must be completed on the appointments page.
    • Job Fairs (Employer Registrations) - Resolved an issue that could prevent an employer registration from being approved


June 12th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Experiential Learning (Forms) - Public forms used for supervisor approval now respect "Employer" attribute visibility
  • Fixed
    • Experiential Learning (Audit Log) - Resolved an issue that could prevent audit log records from being recorded if multiple values were updated at one time
    • Appointments - Resolved an issue that could prevent an advisor from updating an appointment block start/end time
    • Custom Reports - Resolved an issue that prevented shared custom reports from being moved into a shared folder
    • Upload Tool (Contacts or Employers) - Resolved an issue that caused an invalid error message to appear when updating contacts or employers
    • Student/Alumni Directory - Resolved an issue that prevented an attribute with visibility configurations from being selectable as a column
    • Events (Job Fairs) - Resolved an issue that prevented an employer from viewing a job fair before the publish date. The publish date is now known as the "Student Publish Date" to avoid confusion.
    • Events - Resolved an issue that prevented an event from being created if the "Career Center Account Manager" field is disabled
    • Employers - Resolved an issue that allowed an admin from approving an employer without completing required fields
    • Outcomes (Audit Log) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Offer Accepted" value from appearing in the "New Value" column
    • Job Postings - Resolved an issue that could inadvertently changed the "anticipated job start date" upon editing a job posting
    • Resume Books - Resolved an issue that prevented a resume book from being created if certain eligibility criteria are not completed
    • API (Job Postings) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "NorthAmericanRegionName" from being populated


June 9th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Employer Profile - The all new employer profile is here! For all of the details, please refer to the following 12Twenty Academy article. As noted in the article, employers can begin updating their profiles right away, however requests from employers to sync their profile will begin to appear on platform later this month.
    • 12Twenty IntelliMatch For Employer Names - Managing employer names just became a lot easier thanks to 12Twenty's all-new IntelliMatch smart merging protocol. Any new employer name that is added to the system will first go through the IntelliMatch system, automatically matching against existing company names based on a proprietary set of criteria. In the coming weeks we will also be adding multiple select and the "source" of the employer name (and contact), so stay tuned for even more improvements to this very important feature.
    • Email Verification For Employer Users- Employers now verify that they can receive email at the address specified upon signing up via a verification code. This verification process also applies when an employer updates their email address, so you will no longer have to guess whether or not an employers email address is valid!
    • Events - When an employer requests an event, the "Employer" name field now automatically populates
    • Appointments - The color of the "attendance" icon has been updated in order to better distinguish between each status
  • Fixed
    • Custom Reports (Appointments) - Marking a career center user as "Is appointment coach = no" now no longer removes that employer user from the custom reports. The user will remain within the custom appointment reports regardless of their appointment coach status, so long as they have data within the specified filters.
    •  Custom Reports - Users will now be redirected to the login page instead of an error page if they attempt to access a custom report that is not public
    • Job Postings - Resolved an issue that could result in the "Application Status" column to show "Not Applied" even though a student or alumni applied to the job posting.
    • Filters (Eligibility) - For site instances that have eligibility filters other than "Student Group," such as "College/School," "Major," etc., we resolved an issue that prevented picklist options from showing in the filter. Applies to all pages that contain the filter, such as Job Postings, Events, Appointments, etc.
    • OCI (OCI Period Notifications) - Resolved an issue that caused all applicants to receive an OCI period start/end notification despite the admin selecting to only notify accepted students.
    • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that prevented newly added "Academic Term" picklist options from appearing on form
    • Outcomes (Data Validation) - Updated the formatting of the outcomes detail panel to better display attributes and attribute values
    • Payments (Stripe) - Resolved an issue that prevented a user from paying an invoice online via Stripe
    • Account Settings (Students, Alumni) - Resolved an issue that caused extra blank fields to appear on the student or alumni account settings page
    • Events - Disabled attributes, such as "Target Audience," no longer appear on the event confirmation page for students or alumni


May 31st, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • API 
      • Events - Events can now be added/updated via the API via a new PUT and POST query method
      • Application Documents - Application documents for students and alumni are now available via the API (new "Application Documents" endpoint) and can be read, added, updated and deleted. We have also created a "Files" endpoint to retrieve the actual application document files.
      • Note - You can access information on the API, including details on the new endpoints by navigating to "/help" on your site instance
    • Appointments
      • Ability to update start/end time of booked appointment - Previously, an admin user could not update the duration of an existing appointment booked by a student/alumni. Admins can now update the appointment start/end time so long as the new appointment time does not overlap with an existing appointment for the same career adviser.
    • 12Twenty Passport - Added a white border around the QR code that appears in email notifications in order to allow QR code scanners to scan phones when the student is using "dark mode."
    • Attributes (Visibility) - Attribute visibility criteria for students now behave as an "AND" statement instead of an "OR" statement. For example, if you create a custom attribute and set it to be visible to students with "Degree Level = Bachelors" and "Major/Academic Program = Business," the student will need to meet both criteria ("AND") instead of just one ("OR").
    • Student/Alumni Homepage (Text Update) - Updated the "Upcoming" tile to "My Calendar," as well as the text that appears if no events have been booked "You have no upcoming calendar events," in order to better indicate that it is the student/alumni users calendar as opposed to the career centers.
    • Resume Books - The platform now only shows the “Please allow my fellow students to view my resume" attribute if the resume book setting of  "Are students able to download and view approved resume applicants once it is published and archived?" = Yes
  • Fixed
    • Appointments - Resolved an issue that prevented a user from downloading attachments from an appointment after it was edited
    • Calendar Sync - Resolved an issue that prevented a user from revoking their calendar sync if their authorization had already been revoked (e.g., changed their password, authentication method updated, etc.). The user can now revoke their calendar sync and reauthorize even if the authorization had already been nullified in Office365 or Google.
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that caused the start/end date to change upon editing it
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue with the "Form Completed" filter that prevented the "Exclude" option from properly excluding experiential learning records that had a form completed.
    • OCI - Resolved an issue that prevented the OCI period visibility settings from being respected
    • OCI - Fixed a typo in the OCI Primary Contact section
    • Events (Time Slot) - Resolved an issue that showed the incorrect time in the "delete" confirmation modal when deleting a schedule
    • Events & OCI Schedules - Resolved an issue that caused recently saved schedule templates to generate incorrect time slots when using it to create a new schedule
    • Students (Profile) - Resolved an issue that could result in an error when saving a students' profile

May 15th, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Job Postings (Dates) - Resolved an issue that caused the date to change when navigating through different months on the date picker
    • OCI (Settings - OCI Rounds Resolved an issue that caused an error to appear for overlapping OCI periods even though no periods overlapped
    • Appointments - Resolved an issue that prevented a career center user from shortening appointments with drag and drop
    • Appointments - Fixed a few typos in the appointments module and settings




April 24th, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Standard Reports (NALP, Law) All salaries are converted to yearly
    • Standard Reports (NALP/ABA) - Removed the "Student Reported Date" requirement from the NALP and ABA reports. Previously outcomes needed to be reported “by the original ABA deadline in early April. This has now been removed as a requirement so that these outcomes do not show up as “Unknown.”
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that prevented the EL start and end date from being visible to the supervior
    • API (Job Postings) - Resolved an issue that prevented some jobs from being returned on the job postings API when the "TypeID" query parameter was used.
    • API (Students) - If a PUT/POST/PATCH request is run with a gender selection of "I do not identify as Male or Female," user receives a successful response from API but the data on the student profile is not updated. This issue has been resolved.
    • Data Upload Tool (Employers & Contacts) - Resolved an issue that caused the data upload tool to hang if an employer or contact did not exist while using the "Update Existing" upload method
    • Student Directory - Students with a "Seeking Employment" and "Received/Rejected Offers" will no longer be categorized as "Multiple Outcomes" and will instead be "Seeking Employment (No Accepted Offers)
    • Events & Job Postings - Resolved an issue that did not allow free text input in the "time" field
    • Events (Settings) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Employer Event Date Availability" section to fail to save
    • Appointments (Notifications) - Resolved an issue that prevented dependent attributes from appearing in appointment notifications
    • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that prevented dependent attributes from appearing in some sections (e.g., "Admin)




April 10th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Filters (City) - We've upgraded the "city" location filter to use Google's Location API to make it easier than ever to find job listings, contacts, and more. Just add a city and specify the radius/distance. We've gone ahead and updated the "Metro Area" default filter on OCI & Job Listings to use the new "City" filter. Check it out!
    • Student & Alumni Profile "Headline" - Describe yourself... What's your headline? We all have one, and now students and alumni will be able to add theirs to 12Twenty. Today, this will just appear on the student profile and the student/alumni directory, but in the future, employers will be able to see it as well- opt-in, of course.
  • Fixed
    • Standard Reports (ABA) - Added the "Is Employed Law Unknown Size" column to the ABA formatted export
    • Appointments (Notifications) - Location information for appointments now populates correctly on appointment notifications and reminders
    • Outcomes (Audit Log, Law) - "Court" values, including any changes, now appear in the audit log
    • Outcomes - "<">" characters are now accepted on the outcome form... apparently, many of you pasted in email addresses including these characters, and it caused some hiccups.</">
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that prevented the supervisor signature from being displayed on the approvals page



March 13th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Appointments - Admins can now book appointments over unavailable blocks
  • Fixed
    • Application Documents - The application documents upload tool has been rewritten and now works properly in Safari desktop and mobile browsers. 
    • API (Jobs) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Job Source Detail" field from being returned when performing a GET request. Also resolved an issue that prevented POST queries without the "Job Source Detail" property.
    • Appointments - All custom fields now appear in the email confirmation and respect visibility configurations
    • Events (Career Fairs) - Resolved an issue that allowed students to see career fairs even though the module was only enabled for admins
    • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that could allow students to "Accept" a pending job offer without completing a required field
    • Picklists - Resolved an issue that prevented custom picklists from being exported
    • 12Twenty Passport - Resolved an issue that prevented a registered appointment from appearing on the 12Twenty Passport check-in page


March 6th, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Appointments
      • Email notifications are now sent out when editing an appointment's day or time
      • Resolved an issue that could prevent custom fields from showing in the calendar sync object description
    • Data Uploads (Students) - Resolved an issue that prevented students from being uploaded if the "Program" attribute has been customized. The upload will now process.
    • Student & Alumni Directory - Resolved an issue that resulted in students from various programs being included in a search if the "Last 3 Years" or "Last 5 Years" grad year filters were applied, even if the "Program" filter was applied as well.
    • Events - Resolved an issue that could cause duplicate event conflicts to appear on the event registration confirmation page.
    • 12Twenty Passport - Resolved an issue that caused a blank 12Twenty Passport screen to load after scanning in a QR code


March 4th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Appointments - Past "Office Hours" appointment blocks no longer show to students, just as we do for regular appointment blocks
  • Fixed
    • Appointments
      • Notification now shows the date and time of the appointment
      • "Preferred Location" now functions properly as a parent attribute
    • Outcomes (Law) - Resolved an issue that prevented "Post JD" outcomes from being copied if they had illegal characters
    • Application Packets - Resolved an issue that prevented application packets from being compiled if they contained PDFs with "fillable" fields
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that hid the "Submit For Approval" button when submitting the experience for final approval
    • Club Tools (Resume Books) - Resolved an issue that prevented a student user with "Resume Book Create/Manage" permission from accessing the "Resume Book Management View"
    • Custom Reports
      • Resolved an issue that prevented the "Job Posting" custom report from if it contained the "Job Status" column
      • Resolved an issue that prevented the "Applicants" (Job Postings) custom report from generating successfully if it contained the "OCI Round" column




February 29th, 2020 (Leap Year Release!)

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Events - The event registration confirmation page now displays a warning message notifying the user if there is another event, interview or appointment overlapping or within 15 minutes of the start/end time of the event.
    • Appointments (Calendar Sync Object & ICS Files)
      • The calendar object has been updated to show "Preferred Location" if both the "Preferred Location" and the text entry "Location" fields are enabled together
      • The description field has been cleaned up
    • Appointments (Text) - Updated the error text that is shown to a user if they have selected an appointment duration that is not available for that particular appointment block. Previously the message said "There is no available time for booking this type of appointment.” The message now reads "There are no available times for this appointment type/duration. Please select a different appointment duration if available." 
    • Application Documents (Packets) - Application packets generated via the site now open right away within the browser.
    • Outcomes (Law) - Renamed "No Recent Information" to "Employment Status Unknown" to align with ABA terminology
    • Outcomes (Survey On Login) - If you have customized your job phase names, they will now appear "on login"
    • API
      • Outcomes - "IsRumorJob" now appears in the API response for outcomes even if the value is "false." Previously the value only showed if the value was "True."
  • Fixed
    • Appointments - Resolved an issue that prevented the "day" view from scrolling to the next day
    • Outcomes - Custom fields using Star Rating or Thumbs Up/Down field types now work properly across all outcome types
    • Outcomes (Rumor Jobs) - The "Add Rumor" modal now shows the correct outcome types supported by rumor jobs
    • Outcomes (Survey On Login) - Resolved an issue that caused the "Before School" survey to show for the user even though they had already reported a "Not Working" outcome type
    • Upload Tool (Students) - Resolved an issue that caused custom attribute values to be cleared out if they contained no data within the cell
    • OCI - Resolved an issue that resulted in a handful of OCI job posting applicants to receive numerous notifications of the same type



February 22nd, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Appointments 
      • Added the "Location" of the appointment to the list view
      • Selecting "Today" on the list view now sets today's date to the first date on the list view
    • Job Listings - The job posting contact name and email address now defaults to "visible"
    • OCI - Added a "Bulk Notify" under "Schedule Actions" that will allow you to notify or re-notify all of the scheduled applicants on the schedule
  • Fixed
    • Deep Links (Admins Only) - Resolved an issue that prevented the browser from navigating to a deep link after logging in
    • Student Profile - Resolved an issue that caused a custom date field to clear out when saving the student profile
    • OCI (Schedule) - Resolved an issue that prevented a single scheduled applicant from being notified. This occurred because the schedule had not yet initially been released to students ("Notify Students" option under "Schedule Actions"). The site will now inform you that the schedule needs to be released to students first.



February 15th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • "Survey On Login" For Outcomes - An industry first, "Survey On Login" allows you to collect student outcome and alumni work experience data "On Login," advancing your outcome data collection processes to new heights. For all of the details, please check out the webinar! 
    • Outcomes ("Satisfaction" Section)  - The "Satisfaction" section now supports custom fields across all outcome types
    • Picklists - Picklists can now be downloaded in CSV format via the "ellipse" menu
    • Shareable Links - Employers now have access to the "Student" shareable link for job listings and events via the "Action" menu
    • Appointments
      • Added the calendar "Date" to the navigation (e.g., "Jan 1 - 8 2020" instead of "Jan 2020")
      • Office hours appointment blocks now show regardless of the appointment booking restriction settings
      • When viewing the list view, and selecting a specific "day" on the calendar, the selected day shows as the first day in the list view. The data selection will also be preserved if, for example, the user goes to the "Edit" appointment form.
      • Appointment "Check In" icons are now available on the list view and can be "clicked"
    • Experiential Learning - Students can no longer edit an experiential learning form if it is "In Progress"
  • Fixed
    • Appointments
      • Resolved an issue that could cause an appointment to be "double booked" under rare circumstances
      • Attributes such as "Preferred Type" now properly appear in the appointment email notification
      • ICS files now properly populate custom field data and respect general attribute configurations such as "Appointment Type" applicability
    • Custom Reports (Outcomes By Attribute) - The "Attribute" drop down has been restored (and given a little update)



February 11th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Data Uploads (Employers) - Added support for the "Parent Employer" field
    • Outcomes  - Custom fields are now supported within the "Satisfaction" section of the "Accepted Job" outcome form. We will roll out an additional update later this week to support custom attributes within the "Satisfaction" section across all outcome forms.
  • Fixed
    • Appointments
      • Resolved an issue that prevented the "Preferred Type" from appearing in the appointment confirmation to career advisors
      • Resolved an issue that could cause appointments on a Saturday to appear split across multiple days in the list view
    • Notes - Resolved an issue that prevented a user from deleting a note from a student profile if the note was initially added "in bulk" via the


February 7th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Custom Reports (Outcomes) - By (very) popular demand, the custom outcome reports ("Outcome" and "Outcome By Attribute") now support reporting across job phases and program types. Want to get a list of all hires from a company, regardless of program or job phase? How about looking up all of the hires in a specific location? All of this, and more, can now be done. In order to do this, we got rid of the "top level" program and job phase options, and have added them as filters. All of your existing reports have been migrated to the new setup as well, so you will see your previously selected "Job Phase" and "Program" selections as filters going forward.
    • Student & Alumni Directory - A major upgrade has been made to the way filters work on the Student & Alumni Directory. Going forward, the "Job Phase" and "Offer Status" will act as "top level" filters, which will result in more accurate search results. Previously, if you searched for someone that had an internship at 12Twenty (e.g., Employer = 12Twenty & Job Phase = Internship), the filters would acted as an "OR," so if an individual had an accepted job at 12Twenty within the "Before School" job phase (and not an internship), they would show in the results. Going forward, the "Job Phase" and "Offer Status" filters are "respected" first, and any additional filters are layered on top of the query, so the same search (Employer = 12Twenty & Job Phase = Internship) will only provide results for students or alumni that have specifically had an internship at 12Twenty, and exclude anyone who, for example, accepted a job "Post Graduation" or "Before School," and did not have an internship with 12Twenty.
  • Fixed
    • Appointments (Adviser Activity Report) - Resolved an issue that prevented "single" appointment from appearing in the search results. Please note that going forward, to isolate appointments from a single adviser you will need to add both the "Appointment - Block General" and the "Appointment - General" versions of the "Career Adviser" filter in order to only get results from a single adviser. We also now exclude career advisors who have no data for the queried time period instead of showing them within a blank row (Note: If you don't know what this is referring to, good! The report will just look as you would expect it to going forward.).



February 4th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Events (Notifications) - The "Event Type" substitution tag has been made available to the "Event Approved" email template that is sent to employers. This tag will not be automatically added to your template, so if you would like employers to know which event type they were just approved for, make sure to add it into your "Event Approved" email template that is sent to employers.
    • Start/End Times - Due to popular demand, and following suit with other calendaring systems like Google Calendar, start and end times now appear in 15 minute increments on Events, Job Postings, Resume Books, etc. The exception to this is appointments, which still respects the site setting for "Default appointment time interval (minutes)."
    • Outcomes - The "title" of an outcome form has been simplified to just show the name of the outcome being added, as opposed to the previous text of "Please tell us why you are not seeking employment" or "What did you do?" .... bleh.
  • Fixed
    • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that caused certain attributes, such as "Industry," to fail to appear in the expanded view of an outcome
    • Outcomes (Seeking Employment) - Resolved an issue that caused the "Still Seeking" button to redirect to a different outcome form ("Other Outcome")
    • Appointments
      • Resolved an issue for for .ICS files that could cause the appointment time to appear in a different time zone than the site instance time zone
      • Resolved an issue that caused single appointments to fail to appear within the advising appointment custom report
      • Resolved an issue that caused the appointment time settings to not be respected if the user selects an appointment type after selecting a time slot.
      • Audit log is now properly hidden for non-school administrators. Previously the option would show, but the audit log modal would not show any content/result in an error message.


January 31st, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Appointments
      • Fixed QR codes for appointment check in
      • Fixed appointment notes not appearing in the notes tab
      • Updated location fields so they are now editable on the appointment itself rather than just the block
      • Fixed paging on the appointments tab of the student profile

January 27th, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Appointments
      • Added the "location" field back to the appointment detail modal. Please note another round of updates to the location fields will be coming tomorrow that will allow the user to edit the location field on a single appointment as well.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause an error when deleting an appointment
      • Resolved an issue that could result in a "blank" calendar view when using the "Day" view
      • Resolved an issue that could result in a double-booked appointment
    • Homepage ("Upcoming" Tile) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "location" of an upcoming interview to update fail after updating the location on the schedule
    • Data Uploads (Contacts)  - Resolved an issue that could cause the "contact" CSV template download to fail

January 24th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Advising Appointments Turbo - If you haven't heard about it by now, then you are in for a treat! The industries most powerful, flexible and advanced advising appointments module is finally here, and it's only available on 12Twenty. We've listed all of the features below, but make sure to check out the webinar recording for all of the details:
      • All-new calendar design and list view design
      • Appointment blocks automatically "split up" when appointments are booked within them
      • Ability to create "stand alone" appointments, aka "Drop In" appointments
      • Drag-and-drop appointment rescheduling
      • Drag-and-drop appointment block rescheduling
      • Appointment block resizing
      • Ability to view the details of your own personal events from 2-way calendar sync
      • Audit log for advising appointment blocks and appointments
      • Calendar sync and .ics files now support custom fields, with more information about the student
      • "Office Hours" appointment blocks, which are non-bookable appointment blocks that students can see on the calendar
      • Updates to the availability query of the appointments students and alumni see, so they only see appointments that they can book
      • Updated appointment booking form with 1-click time selection

January 23rd, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Data Upload Tools - Big news for data uploads! All data upload tools (Students, and the newly introduced Employer, Contacts and Notes upload tools) can now be found within the "Data Uploads" section of "Site Management" (previously "Site Settings"). Additionally, we simplified the headers of the data upload templates to just require the display name, so they will look a lot cleaner and "normal."
      • Data Upload Tool (Employers) - You can now add new or update existing employer profile records via a CSV upload. The employer template will contain all of your employer profile attributes, including custom fields. Unique identifier is the employer name.
      • Data Upload Tool (Contacts) - You can now add new or update existing contact records via a CSV upload. The contact template will contain all of your contact profile attributes, including custom fields. Unique identifier is the contacts "email address."
      • Data Upload Tool (Notes) - Student, employer and contact notes can now be uploaded using the "Notes" template. Make sure to specify the "type" of note and the unique identifier. We think it's pretty straightforward, but then again, we built it! Please do not hesitate to reach out to Support@12Twenty.com if you need any help.
    • Alumni Job Survey- We made a slew of updates to the alumni job survey. If you are excited reading this, then you know what they are, and know that there are too many to mention! Make sure to check out the star rating and thumbs up/down on the job form, it looks great.
      • Are you looking to survey your alumni? Let us show you how we can help by contacting Partnerships@12t

January 17th, 2020

  • Fixed
    • Outcomes (Judicial Clerkships) - Resolved an issue that prevented career center users from updating clerkship outcome types.
    • OCI (Flexible Scheduling) - Resolved an issue that prevented OCI interview dates from appearing on a new job posting after being created and linked to an existing OCI.
    • Job Listings (Application Method) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Apply via XXX" label from respecting the customized text specified when creating the job listing.
    • Job Listings (Applicants Tab) - Resolved an issue that caused extra options to appear in the "Action" menu on the applicants tab of a job listing
    • Students (Background/Admin) - Resolved an issue that caused different data to appear in the "View" of the background or admin tab compared to the edit modal for certain field types, such as date fields.

January 13th, 2020

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Custom Fields - New field types! "Star Rating" and "Thumbs Up/Down." Add them anywhere on the site... great for outcomes and student profile attributes.
  • Fixed
    • Outcomes (Negotiated Compensation) - Resolved an issue that briefly caused the offer negotiation window to appear blank.
    • OCI (Schedule) - Resolved an issue that caused the red schedule conflict exclamation marks to appear on several OCI schedules even though there is no apparent conflict in the student's calendar
    • Resume Books - Resolved an issue that caused a resume book to appear as "Archived" on the main Resume Books page even though it would show as "Published" on the resume detail page.
    • Custom Reports (Public Access) - Resolved an issue that caused filters to appear on a public custom report even thought they were marked as hidden.
    • Custom Reports (Relative Date Filters) - Resolved an issue that caused an error to appear when using relative date filters
    • Contacts - The "alumnus" yes/no field now correctly appears on the contact detail page
    • Contacts (Notes) - Resolved an issue that prevented notes from appearing on a contact profile when adding multiple notes at a time to contacts via the contact directory.
    • Site Settings (OCI Round) - Fixed a visual bug that caused the OCI Period explanation text to overlap with other site setting sections
    • Student Profile Page (Mobile) - The "More" drop down now works correctly on the student profile page when viewing on mobile
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