2019 Software Release Notes

December 21st, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Alumni Data Collection (Alumni ODA) - Interested in collecting data from your alumni using the same technology as you do today for collecting internship and first destination data from students? You are in luck! The tool is now available for you to add on to your platform. Get in touch with our alumni data collection expert, Eric Garvelink, for more information- eric.garvelink@12twenty.com
    • Standard Attribute Visibility & Expanded Configurability - Student, Outcome and Appointment attributes have been enhanced with visibility options (Student Group, Degree Level, Program, etc.). We have also expanded the number of standard attributes that can be configured. This will also give you the updates you need to configure signup differently for students vs. alumni, as you will now be able to set the visibility of all fields by student group, including "Undergrad Major" and "Undergraduate School" that many do not want their alumni to have to complete.
    • Custom Reports (Job & Event) - The "12Twenty ID" of a job listing and event is now available as a column in the job listing and event custom reports.
  • Fixed
    • Custom Reports (Job Listings) - Resolved an issue that causes a "404" error to appear when selecting a result (such as a job listing) from custom reports.
    • Custom Reports (Date/Time Filters) - Resolved various issues with relative date filters
    • MBA CSEA Part-Time (5A & 5B) - Fixed an issue that was causing the "detailed" industry and functions to be listed on these tables as opposed to the official MBA CSEA values.

December 5th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Student/Alumni Directory - The "Offer Status" label now shows for outcomes when a student/alumni is viewing a fellow student/alumni profile
  • Fixed
    • Outcomes (Law - Judicial Clerkship) - Resolved an issue that caused extra characters to appear on the form
    • Activity Stream - Resolved an issue that caused "Meetings" to be sorted by the create date instead of the actual "Meeting Date" specified
    • Custom Reports (Adviser Activity Report) - Advisers no longer appear "blank" when they are updated to "Is Assignable Adviser = No."
    • Interview Questions - Resolved an issue that cause the employer name to appear to be "deleted" when an interview is deleted from a student’s profile and there are interview questions associated with it.
    • Outcomes (Clerkship Form) - Custom attributes now appear correctly in the admin section of the judicial clerkship form

November 8th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Notes (All) - Updated all notes across the site to support line breaks
    • Profile Pages (Events and Job Listings Tabs) - Updated the sort of events and job listings on the contact, employer and student profiles to be sorted from newest to oldest
  • Fixed
    • Experiential Learning (Public Forms) - Resolved an issue that could cause the public evaluation forms to fail to load
    • Custom Reports (Public Reports) - Resolved an issue that could cause a public dashboard to fail to load



October 24th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Candidate Search - Career center users can now view all students and alumni regardless of the exclusion settings via the new "Job Phase" picklist option denoted as "--". This will be the default value upon loading the page as a career center user. To engage the exclusion settings, simply select a desired "Job Phase." 
      • Coincidentally, this resolves an issue that would make it appear as if the number of resumes pending approval under "Notifications" does not match the number of results on the ensuing page after clicking on the notification item. After selecting the "Resumes" pending approval action item, the Candidate Search page will load with the "Job Phase" picklist option "--" selected, which contains no exclusion settings.
  • Fixed
    • Events (Time Slot Events) - Resolved an issue that showed students/alumni a different time on the event schedule vs. the time listed on the actual event itself. For example, if the event ran from 3pm - 6pm EST, and a schedule was created to span 3pm - 6pm EST as well, the schedule would show in UTC time instead of the site instance time zone, making it appear as if the time on the schedule was incorrect, which it was, but was just incorrectly configured.

October 22nd, 2019

  • Fixed
    • Resume Books - Added the "Load More" option to the resume book list page. The absence of this button prevented the user from viewing all available resume books.
    • Events (Swap) - Resolved a few issues with event swap:
      • If a swap was successfully completed, the "Upcoming" tile on the student homepage would not update to the new time
      • If a swap was requested, and the requestee cancelled their registration or switches over to a new slot, a swap error would occur. In this case, the swap is cancelled and the requestor is notified.
      • A user who requests a swap for a time slot that has already been requested to swap now receives the correct message that a swap is already pending for this slot.

October 18th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Attribute Visibility by Student Group and Degree Level- Updated the custom attribute framework to support displaying attributes to students by two additional criteria - Student Group and Degree Level (if enabled on your platform), which will allow you to target users with custom fields in more powerful ways than ever before. We're looking at you, alumni! And speaking of alumni, if you are interested in collecting work experience data from your alumni, we'd love to show you our new alumni data collection tool. Please contact the 12Twenty Support Team (support@12twenty.com) for more information.
    • OCI & Job Listings  - Added the "Application Deadline" back to the list page after hearing some feedback that it would still be helpful when browsing jobs
    • Candidate Search - Updated the naming of various filters to be more "Generic" by excluding specific program names or job phase names
  • Fixed
    • Calendar Sync (Google, Advising Appointments) - Resolved an issue that could have caused both participants of an appointment to receive a calendar invite from the other party. Each participant should now only receive a single calendar object and no longer receive an additional invitation for the same appointment.

September 26th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Outcomes  - The "Submit" button now locks to prevent duplicate outcomes from being submitted
    • OCI (OCI Management) - Within the "OCI Management" page, the admin can now click on the number next to "Awaiting finalized employer interview decisions" in order to see the list of employers who have not yet confirmed their interview decisions.
    • OCI (Schedule Management) - Before this update, in order to move a scheduled applicant to an open slot, the admin would need to unassign the applicant, and then add them to the open slot. This can now be done in a single action thanks to the addition of scheduled applicants appearing in the "Add Existing Applicant" modal. The next time you need to move a scheduled student to an open slot, simply click on the "Ellipse" icon next to the open slot, select "Add Existing Applicant," and select the scheduled applicant you would like to have moved to the open slot.
    • OCI (Notifications, Alternates) - A new email notification has been created specifically for when an alternate is promoted to interview. This allows you to more specifically target the messaging to alternates, as opposed to the previous notification that simply notified them that they had accepted an interview. The name of the notification is "Alternate Promoted - Action Required," and it will be triggered when your OCI Round is configured to have students automatically accept interviews, and an alternate is promoted from the alternate list to the extended interview/interview accepted status.
  • Fixed
    • OCI (Notifications) - Resolved an issue that prevented admins from notifying students with multiple interviews for the same OCI (i.e., student has applied to multiple job listings linked to a single OCI registration).
    • Job Listings (Notifications) - Resolved an issue that caused the "admin" URL version (included ".admin" in the URL) of a job listing to appear in the "Job Listing Approved" email notifications for employers instead of the "employer" URL version.
    • Permissions (Custom Reports) - Resolved an issue that hid the "Reports" left side navigation menu item even though a user had access to one or more custom reports in their user role
    • Events - Resolved an issue that could clear the "Career Center Account Manager" field when an employer edits an event
    • Events (Notifications) - Resolved an issue that allowed event reminders to continue to be sent even though an event was cancelled
    • Resume Books (Filters) - Resolved an issue that prevented custom attributes from appearing as filters for students
    • Dashboards (Distribution) - Resolved an issue that resulted in the dashboard link from appearing in the email notification via the dashboard distribution feature
    • 12Twenty Passport (Events) - Resolved an issue that showed cancelled events on the 12Twenty Passport check in screen. These events are now excluded from view.
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that created an inconsistency in the status of custom forms for experiential learning between the admin and student view


September 18th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • 12Twenty GPS - Career center users can now set the Industry, Function (Employer Type and Practice Area for law) and Type of Job for 12Twenty GPS job listings! This will allow 12Twenty GPS jobs to be included in the search results when the aforementioned fields are used as filters. To set these new values, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the "Edit" option under the new "Additional Details" section.
      • Also included is a filter for "12TwentyGPS Network Jobs" which is now available on the "All" tab of the OCI and Job Listings page.
    • Application Materials/Application Documents - Students and Alumni can now add one or more "URLs" to their application materials, for example, a link to their personal website, art portfolio, etc. Employers can also now request or require a URL as an application material when creating a job listing. Please note that the link to the URL used to apply is available when Additional Documents icon is selected on Applicants tab of job posting. Additionally, URLs are not included in application packets.
    • General Performance Improvements - Can you feel it? We sure hope so, because A) we have put a lot of time an effort to improving site performance and B) Google Analytics is reporting a 25%+ improvement in average page load time year-over-year (comparing this September to last, our busiest time of year), so hopefully the improvements are noticed and Google Analytics is correct! 
  • Fixed
    • Filters - Resolved an issue that caused an "Oops" error when filtering for custom fields that used the "Decimal" field type
    • OCI (Interview Dates) - Resolved an issue that prevented interview dates from being update after linking a job listing to an OCI


August 29th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Swap for Events  - Students can now "swap" time slots with one another for "Slot Style Event" types, just like they can today for On-Campus Interviews. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order for swap to be enabled completely:
      • Site Settings Events "General" tab "Event Booking Settings"
        • Setting #1 - "Swap Event Slot Time Request Expiration (Hours)" - Specify the amount of time that swap requests will automatically expire if no action is taken (typically 24-48 hours)
        • Setting #2 - "Set number of hours before the start of an event where students can no longer swap and pending swap requests are canceled" - Specify the amount of time until the event when students will no longer be able to swap.
      • Optional - Review the 6 New Notification Messages for Event Swap via Site Settings Events "Notifications" tab
    • Post Event Follow Up Notification - Are you interested in collecting feedback from students and/or alumni after events, just like you can today for advising appointments? Using the "Event Follow Up" notification, you can now specify the number of hours after an event when the email notification will be automatically sent. Many of our customers add a link to Google Surveys, Qualtrix or another comparable survey tool to collect feedback. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order for swap to be enabled completely:
      • Site Settings Events "Notifications" tab "To enable the "Event Follow Up" email notification, specify the number of hours after an event when the follow up email should be sent."
        • Specify the number of hours after an event when the "Event Follow Up" notification will be sent to registrants
      • Site Settings Events "Notifications" tab "Event Follow Up" email notification
        • Enable the email notification ("Enable This Email" = "Yes")


August 28th, 2019

  • Fixed
    • OCI (Student Interview Availability Calendar) - Resolved an issue that caused invalid events to appear on a students interview availability calendar
    • Events (Create New Job Fair) - Resolved an issue that prevented the user from submitting the form even though all fields were completed
    • Events (List Page, Students) - Resolved an issue that prevented certain student users from accessing the events list page if their permissions were not set to view all event types


August 26th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Student/Alumni Directory  - Do you prefer the "List" view on the Student & Alumni Directory? You are in luck! Going forward, selecting the "tile" or "list" view will now persist across sessions, just like the column view selection does today.
    • Events (Event Contact Information) - Event contact information is now visible to students and alumni, making it easier than ever to get in touch with the right contact per event. You can also configure which fields are required (or not) via the attribute configuration tool (see "Event Contact" section under the "Attributes" tab within the "Event" site settings section)
  • Fixed
    • Filters (Add Filter) - Resolved an issue that persisted the filter search after applying a filter. This occurred across all pages with "filters 3.0" when a user selected the "Add Filter" button, typed in a search, added a filter, and then selected the "Add Filter" button again. The search criteria in the "Add Filter" button is now correctly reset.
    • Sign Up (Custom Attribute) - Resolved an issue that could cause a custom attribute that was configured to be "required" on sign up to be bypassed
    • Student Dashboard (Recommended Events "Tile") - Resolved an issue that could prevent multiple event types from appearing in the "Recommended Events" tile for students on the dashboard


August 22nd, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Student/Alumni Dashboard  - The all-new student/alumni dashboard has arrived, right in time to gear up for the fall! The beautiful "tile" style layout has been design for both desktop and mobile users, and offers a host of information upon logging in. Each tile will show or hide based on the users permissions and module availability.
      • "Upcoming" Tile - Shows a chronological "agenda" view of all upcoming advising appointments, events and interviews, with easy to understand timelines (e.g., 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks)
      • Recommended Jobs - Using a all-new proprietary matching algorithm based on a host of data points unique to each student, 12Twenty now recommends job listings directly on the dashboard. A link to quickly update preferences (e.g., Industry, Function, etc. for Business and University Wide career centers, Employment Type and Practice Area for Law programs) is also available so the student can easily keep their recommendations current.
      • Recommended Events - Using the same matching algorithm, events are recommended directly on the dashboard with the same information as is shown on the event list page.
      • Announcements - Any announcement added via the "Homepage" site settings section appears in the announcement tile
      • Jobs and Job Offers/Outcomes - Your students can now quickly report their experience faster than ever thanks to the new outcomes tile that dynamically makes surveys available based on your survey settings.
    • Admin Dashboard - Feeling a little left out after all of the student/alumni dashboard excitement? We get it, and already have plans to add additional tiles for you in the future. In the meantime, the admin dashboard has been updated to be mobile responsive with the site background image for a truly custom feel. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to update any bookmarks/internal links to your site's URL without any paths, for example, bookmark without a path, e.g. 'https://university.admin.12twenty.com' instead of 'https://university.admin.12twenty.com/dashboard'
    • "Homepage" Site Settings Section - Homepage announcements have been moved to the new "Homepage" site settings section under "General Configuration." All future homepage configuration settings will live in this site settings section.
  • Fixed
    • Student Directory - Resolved an issue that prevented admins from emailing individual students via the homepage tiles


August 19th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • All-New Student & Alumni Directory  - The "Student Directory" has been renamed "Students & Alumni," with an all-new "card view," filtering capability and sort. You can still jump back to the detailed list view by selecting the "list" icon that appears to the right of the number of results. 
      • Tired of always seeing the same students and alumni (we're looking at you, "Jeffrey Aaron" and "AAA Test") at the top of the list? Well, worry no more... you can now sort the list of students and alumni by "Recently Updated" which will sort the list by those who have most recently reported an outcome.
      • The card view shows a student/alumni's most recent job, whether it be what they did before school, during their summer internship or after graduation. The cards are responsive to the screens' width, so if you only see 3 across, make the screen a little wider and it will automatically transition to 4 across. Viewing the directory on mobile? The cards will collapse down to a horizontal business card style for easy viewing.
      • You can now also filter by select outcome attributes relating to accepted jobs, such as employer, industry, function, etc. You can now filter for all students that have worked at a certain employer or industry, and email them right from the directory! Please note that "Outcome" filters currently work as an "OR," so if you search for all students/alumni with "Employer = 12Twenty" and "Job Phase = Internship," it will return results for those who have either reported a job with "Employer = 12Twenty" OR "Job Phase = Internship." We recognize that outcome filters should be treated with an "AND" instead, and are working towards this in the near future.
    • Custom Reports (Outcomes by Attribute) - Added the "U.S. State" attribute option
    • Custom Reports (Outcomes by Attribute) - Months now display in chronological order
  • Fixed
    • Employer Directory (Students) - Due to popular demand, removed the "Hires" and "Targeted By" columns for students and alumni
    • Advising Appointments - Due to popular demand, added saved searches back to the advising appointment page for career center users
    • Student Profile (Outcomes) - Due to popular demand, we have added a special "Rumor" label next to rumor outcomes to help distinguish them in the list
    • Student Profile (Outcomes) - Resolved an issue that prevented a career center user from accessing an outcome form if the student's email address had an apostrophe
    • Events - Resolved an issue that prevented custom attributes from appearing in the "Event Date Preferences" section
    • Job Listings - Resolved an issue that allowed students to see the employer behind a "blind posting" by clicking on the link and navigating to the employer profile. The link is now no longer clickable and the logo will no longer show if the job listing is a blind posting.


August 13th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • OCI  - Employers may now specify "0" for the "# of Rooms" field in order to indicate that they want to participate in OCI, but do not need interview rooms on-campus, or may interview virtually
  • Fixed
    • Events (Job Fairs) - Resolved an issue that displayed the employer's registration type and add-ons and contact information on the registration detail page
    • Events - Resolved an issue that allowed students to see an event before the publish date
    • Student Upload Tool - Resolved an issue that would prevent the updating of student information if an admin account existed with the same email address (e.g., Student Worker)


August 9th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • New UI!  - The new user interface has finally arrived. After announcing it at 12Twenty Live last December and all of the months leading up to this moment, your 12Twenty platform now looks better than ever, with full mobile support. Please note that we will be releasing the updated Student Directory & dashboard next Friday, as we couldn't resist adding a few more features before the release.
      • Mobile First - The majority of the experience will now be optimized for mobile. Login, dashboard, job listings (including applying), events (including registering), directory pages, and yes, the outcome form!
      • Student Dashboard (Arriving 8/16) - For CSM customers, students will now be directed to the new dashboard experience, which will show them upcoming appointments, events and interviews, along with recommended job listings and events based on their preferences. And of course, the dashboard is made for mobile.
      • New Look & Feel - The entire site will have a new look and feel. Examples of such pages are the Job Listing Detail Page, Event Detail Page, etc.
      • New Left Side Navigation - All navigation elements will live on the left side, including site settings, notifications, etc. The left side navigation will also have an updated look and feel, including a new logo option which is discussed further below.
      • Full Vertical Height - Vertical real estate is limited on computer screens because they are wider than they are taller. Therefore, we are removing the footer and header so that the entire vertical height of the screen can be used to interact with the page.
        • Where will the information in the footer go? The information in the footer will be added to the "?" help icon, which will now live on the left side navigation.
        • Where will the icons, like Site Settings and the Notifications, go? These icons will be moved to the left side navigation
      • 1-Click Saved Search Notifications - Creating saved search notifications will now be easier than ever thanks to the new "1-click" saved search notification bar that will appear "affixed" to the bottom of the job listings and events list pages. Students and Career Center Users will be able to create a saved search notification in a single click and be notified daily of new updates.
      • Notification Messages Update on List Pages - Notification Messages on list pages only, such as those located on the OCI & Job Listing or Event list pages will now appear via a hover over "i" icon directly to the right of the page title.
      • Updated Student Directory  (Arriving 8/16) - The Student Directory will now be known as the "Students & Alumni" page, and will feature a new "card" style view, along with improved filtering functionality.
      • Updated Employer Directory - The Employer Directory columns of information have been streamlined to include the employers' industry (or employment type for law) and number of employees below the employer name (known as "the clump"), along with the total number of hires between post graduation and internship job phases, and the number of students that have targeted the employer. Employer logos will also show on the list page as well.
      • Updated Contact Directory - The Contact Directory columns of information have also been streamlined to include more information within the contact "clump," and the additional columns of contact information such as email address have been removed. Contact photos will also show on the list page as well.
      • Profile Photos for Career Center Users - Career center users will now be able to set their profile image within their account settings. This image will appear for students and alumni when booking advising appointments, as well as on the new student dashboard.
      • Email Notifications - The design of the email templates has been updated with a sleeker, more modern look that looks perfect on mobile
    • OCI - Regular job listings can now be linked to OCIs from the same employer. No conversion necessary!
    • Events (Job Fairs, "Employer" Tab) -  Students will now be able to find employers easier than ever thanks to the addition of Filters 3.0 on the "Employers" tab of job fair event types. The new filtering supports all standard and custom attributes on the employer registration. 


  • Fixed
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue that prevented career center users from selecting an experiential learning type if the type is selected before specifying a student
    • Signup - Resolved an issue that prevented custom fields with assigned visibility from appearing on the page
    • Signup - Resolved an issue that prevented multi-line attributes, such as "Desired Industry," from appearing on the page
    • 12Twenty GPS - The option to edit a 12Twenty GPS job listing, which was not supposed to be available, has been removed. We will be adding more functionality for this in the future, such as the ability to edit the industry, function and job type.
    • API - Resolved an issue that prevented "Gender" from being updated when performing a PUT request
    • Student Background Information - Resolved an issue that prevented custom attributes with assigned visibility from saving



July 9th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Site Settings (Branding) - You can now update the branding images of your site by visiting Site Settings. The site logo (used on the upper right corner of the site), school logo (used for application packets, 12Twenty GPS job network, and other areas), as well as the login background image, can now be updated. Make sure to review the notes on the upcoming user interface update as you will may need to update your logo for the new user interface. More information on the user interface can be found here.
  • Fixed
    • Resume Books - Resolved an issue that could result in the "Resumes" tab of a resume book from being populated with existing applicants
    • Employer Directory (Profile Page) - Resolved an issue that caused the "Load More" buttons on the Events and OCI and Job Listings pages from appearing at the bottom of the list
    • Events - Resolved an issue that could cause the student registration time of an event to increase by 4 hours
    • Events - Resolved an issue that prevented an administrator from marking a registrant from a past event as attended
    • Events - Resolved an issue that resulted in the registrant export to be blank
    • Events - Resolved an issue that resulted in the "Employer Date Preferences" from appearing on the page for administrators
    • Events (Job Fairs) - Resolved an issue that prevented the primary contact of a job fair registration from appearing for employers and students


July 1st, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Custom Report (Job Listing Applicants)- All-new custom report within the "Job Listing" section of custom reports that allows you to pull one row per student application called "Applicants." In addition to all of the associated student and job listing fields, additional OCI schedule information is also included:
      • Application Date/Time (create_timestamp)

      • Employer Decision

      • Student Decision

      • Alternate List Position

      • Interview date (and room note)

      • Interview room

      • Interview time

      • Assigned interviewer

      • Bidding Decision

      • Number of Points Bid

      • Bid Date

      • Rank ("Lottery Rank")

      • Lottery Status ID ("Lottery Status")

      • Lottery Decision ID ("Lottery Decision")

    • Appointments (ICS Files) - ICS files now include custom fields associated with appointments
    • Custom Reports/Dashboards - The sort order has been updated on custom reports and dashboards to show folders first in alphabetical order, and then the custom reports/dashboards in alphabetical order.


June 13th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Standard Reports (ABA) - Picklist Update - Per ABA guidelines, the "Law Firm Size" picklist value "2-10 attorneys" has been changed to "1 to 10 attorneys" 
  • Fixed
    • Student Directory - Outcome Filter - Resolved an issue that resulted in an error when using the Post Graduation Reported Outcome filter.
    • Experiential Learning - Settings - Resolved an issue where the text fields would not load consistently when selecting an experience type in the settings.
    • OCI - Dates - Resolved an issue that prevented OCI interview dates from being saved consistently


June 5th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Standard Reports (MBA CSEA) - Specialty Masters - The Specialty Masters MBA CSEA report has been released! You will see this report under the "Standard Reports" site settings section if your site instance has a "Full-Time Masters" program. Please note that the report is not yet certified by the MBA CSEA, however the report is currently being audited and we will notify you once the audit is complete. You can use the report in the mean time to confirm you existing data for the class of 2019. Please make sure that attributes such as "Is Full Time" and "Are you working at least 20 hours per week?" (which only shows when "Is Full Time" = No) are completed in the outcome, as these determine if a student is categorized in the new "Full Time" and "Short Term" categories in the report.
    • Student Directory - "Target Employer" & "Targeted Date" Filter - You can now filter students in the Student Directory by "Target Employer" and "Targeted Date" in order to see which students are targeting which employers, and also layer on the targeted date if you are looking for students who have targeted the employer recently. Even better, you can include the "Post Grad Reported Outcome" filter to find students who have not yet accepted a job offer yet!


May 30th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Custom Reports - Target Employer Report - With the "Target Employer" feature being so popular, we are very excited to announce that you can now report on "Target Employer" data platform wide, using a variety of different filters. This report will generate 1 row per targeted employer, and also allows for filtering based on "Targeted Date," so that recently targeted information can be identified, if desired.
    • Appointments - Calendar File Improvements (AKA "ICS" File) - Calendar files for external calendars such as Google, Outlook and iCal now contain all available advising appointment data fields in the description of the calendar object.
  • Fixed
    • Experiential Learning - Picklists created on custom forms now correctly appear as available picklists for Experience attributes as well.
    • Custom Reports - Student Registrant Report - The export for this custom report has been updated to reflect the data generated on the front end report.
    • Custom Reports - Misc - Resolved an issue that caused the "Event" custom reports to show in the custom report menu even though the module was not enabled.


May 24th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Work Authorization - The detailed work authorization field can now be disabled if you only wish to use the consolidated work authorization option. This is an important update for schools that do not wish to select the specific type of work authorization a student/alumni user has, and only wants to select whether or not they have permanent or non-permanent work authorization. To make this update, go to Site Settings General (under "General Configuration") and disable the "Work Authorization Status" attribute, also known as "Work Authorization (Detailed)." Going forward, only the "Consolidated Work Authorization" field will show on the 'Background' tab of the student profile.
    • Misc - Renamed "Who Can View & Apply" to "Eligibility" across all modules- OCI/Job Listings, Events, Advising Appointments and Resume Books
    • Filters - Ability to Filter on All "Eligibility" Fields - Customers with multiple criteria for Job Listing, Event, etc., eligibility (previously known as "Who Can View & Apply) can now filter on all available criteria, e.g., "Major," "Work Authorization," etc.


May 21st, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Misc - Ability to easily share URLs for Job Listings, Events, Resume Books and Resource Library items for students, employers and career center users, as applicable, via the action menu (except Resource Library items, which are shared via the "Ellipse" menu for the item). Just click the link and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.
    • Events - Multi-day job fair support has been added. To add an additional day or days to your event, select "Add Day" beneath the event date.
    • Custom Reports - Two new custom reports have been added, along with a new drop down menu to organize them all
      • Events - Student Registrant Report - Shows one row put student event registration. Includes all student and event filters/columns, along with the student registration date, attendance and waitlist information.
      • Events - Job Fair Employer Registrations - Shows one row per employer job fair registration. Includes all employer, contact and event filters/columns, along with the full array of employer job fair registration fields
    • API - New "PATCH" query method for the student endpoint. Student records can now be updated on a per field basis, as opposed to the previous requirement of having to perform a GET before a PUT.  
    • API - Added to "Modify Date" query parameter to the contacts endpoint
  • Fixed
    • Student Directory - Resolved an issue that caused the wrong outcomes to be included in the "Sponsored Job" status in the "Post Grad Reported Outcome" column


May 6th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Job Listings - Added the ability to add and student or alumni to a job listing regardless of whether or not they are associated to one or more of the "Who Can View & Apply" criteria, e.g., the job listing is assigned to the "1st Year MBA" student group but the student is assigned to the "2nd Year MBA" student group.


May 1st, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Job Listings - The job posting list page is now default ordered by Posted Date (newest to oldest).
    • Employer Directory - The full set of employer filters are now available on the Employer Directory module. This includes the ability to create saved filter sets.
    • Standard Reports (MBA CSEA) - The Part-Time MBA CSEA report has been released, however data will not populate until certain configurations have been made. Instructions on how to do so will be arriving next week!
  • Fixed
    • Job Listings & Events - Resolved an issue causing a disparity between the number of views logged on a job/event
    • Experiential Learning - Resolved an issue with the "CreatorName" substitution tag included in system notifications
    • Standard Reports (NACE) - Resolve an issue in which some users were receiving a 500 error when generating the NACE report


April 24th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Experiential Learning (Auto Reminders) - Employers and Career Center User approvers can now be reminded automatically if they have not completed a form or an approval. To setup these reminders, go to the notifications tab on the "Forms" or "Experiential Learning" section of site settings to configure the reminder interval. Also remember to review the new email notifications that have been added, and customize them accordingly.
    • Experiential Learning (Bulk Actions) - Custom forms can now be sent in bulk via the Experiential Learning list page's "Action" menu for one or many records. A new filter, "Form Completed," has also been added to help you identify which records have or have not had their forms completed.
  • Fixed
    • Events (Reminders) - Resolved an issue that could cause the event reminder to fail to send
    • Custom Reports (Report Distribution) - Resolved an issue that caused the custom report distribution email to fail to send
    • Research Tools (Salary Database) - Resolved an issue that added an industry or functions detailed value instead of the consolidated value when using the "Add Filter" function
    • API (Contact Meetings) - Resolved an issue that resulted in an incorrect number of meetings to be returned for a contact


April 12th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Outcomes (Full-Time Masters Only) - In preparation for the new MBA CSEA Standards for Masters, we have added a question to the job form which asks the students whether or not they are working at least 20 hours a week, if they report that they are not working full-time (at least 30 hours a week). This was added in response to the new "Short Term" requirements, as defined on page 6 of version 1 of the MBA CSEA's "Standards for Reporting Specialty Masters Employment Statistics."


April 9th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Events (Employer Event Request) - Employers must now select unique dates when requesting an event
  • Fixed
    • Standard Reports (ABA) - Removed column "N" "EmployedStartDateDeferred," per ABA instructions
    • Standard Reports (ABA) - Removed data in all columns if student is Start Date Deferred
    • Standard Reports (NACE) - Updated the % calculations to be a percentage of the total students reporting an outcome


March 28th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements
    • Experiential Learning - Removed option for students to delete their Experiential Learning when it is in progress and has already been approved
    • Job Listings - Added status for "Resubmitted" when an employer has edited an already approved job listing
  • Fixed
    • API (Company Meetings) - All contacts now show in the API response, with their ID
    • Standard Reports (NACE) - Resolved an issue in the NACE formatted export where class totals for advanced degrees were getting summed with previous degree level class totals. For example, if the Bachelors degree level was 100 students, the Masters degree level was 100 students and the PhD degree level class total was 100, the totals would show as 100, 200 and 300 respectively. This has been resolved so that only students in the respective class levels are included.


March 25th, 2019

  • Fixed
    • Standard Reports (NALP/ABA) - Updated the "Own Venture (Non-Law Firm)" outcome type to be properly categorized as a job in both reports. To do so, the employment type, job type and bar passage requirement fields were added to the site.
    • Attributes (Job Listings) - Resolved an issue that caused parent attributes to behave inconsistently on the job form.
    • Appointments (Settings) - Resolved an issue that caused duplicate appointment settings options to appear when saving the form.


March 18th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Events (Employer Request Form) 

      • This update allows employers to select up to 3 event dates when requesting the event. The dates they can select will respect the settings (See - "Employer Event Date Availability")

      • Each of the dates will respect the settings, and the 2nd and 3rd preferred date fields can be made required, if desired. The "Preferred Time" drop down is a pick list that you can configure, but will come with the following options out of the box - Morning, Afternoon and Night.
      • On the admin side, the event request will come through as it normally does, with the new employer date preferences visible on the upper right of the form. The admin will then fill out the actual date of the event.
  • Fixed
    • Outcome Form - Resolved an issue that allowed a student to bypass the carried interest field on the outcome form due to the attribute being misconfigured in the database.
    • Attributes (Job Listings) - Resolved an issue that caused a newly created attribute to not be visible to employers on the job listings form.
    • Job Listings - Resolved an issue that allowed employers to submit a job listing without an application start date
    • Experiential Learning (Settings) - Resolved an issue that resulted in updated approval settings to fail to save completely
    • Experiential Learning (Custom Reports) - Resolved an issue that resulted in an "Oops" error when pulling a custom report with the "Approved Hours" column.
    • Calendar Sync - Resolved an issue that resulted in the "Authorize" button to stay static, even if calendar sync was successfully authorized. The button now successfully updates to "Revoke."
    • OCI (Swap, Webhook) - Resolved an issue that caused student calendars to not update after performing a time slot swap in the OCI module
    • Resume Books - Resolved an issue that resulted in the detail page of a resume book to fail to completely load for students
    • Events (Job Fair) - Resolved an issue which prevented the admin from creating a new "Job Fair" event type due to the "Industry" attribute being required, even if the field was not present on the form.
    • Interview Database - Resolved an issue that made it appear that there were duplicate approved questions in the database.
    • Contacts (Manage Libraries) - Updated the pending approval contact page to hide contacts that were visible only to the contact owner (Visibility = Myself Only). After approval, this made it appear that the contact was not present in the contact directory, when in fact the contact was only visible to the owner.
    • Contacts (Manage Libraries) - Resolved an issue that prevented the admin from approving a pending contact that shares an email address/name with a deleted contact record. The error message specified "Contact with this name exists." The merge function now only looks for approved contacts.


March 8th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Experiential Learning (Approval) 

      • Supervisor Approval

        • Added the ability for a supervisor to approve an experience as an initial or final approver. The supervisor can approve, reject or ask for more information.

        • Added an initial and final approval policy (rich text) to which the supervisor must agree to before approving the experience, in addition to an e-signature. The e-signature will appear on the "approvals" tab of an experience.

      • Sequential Approval

        • Added the ability for initial and final approval steps to be sequential, for up to 5 approval groups. For example, on initial approval, the approval can first go to approver #1, then only after the approver approves the experience, approver #2 will receive an email notification letting them know that it is their turn to approve the experience. An approval "group" does not need to only be a single person, as multiple approvers can be designated in a single approval group. For example. approver #1 can be Sally and Steve, then approver #2 can be the supervisor, and then approver #3 can be Cindy and Frank.


February 28th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Contacts - Added 2 tabs to the contact profile page:

      • "Events"

        • If the contact is the owner of an event (e.g., they created the event and are listed as the "Event Manager"), the event will be listed

        • If the contact has registered for a "Job Fair" event type (also referred to as a "Networking Night," where both students and employers register for an event), the event will be listed

      • "OCI and Job Listings"

        • If the contact is the owner of a job listing (i.e., they created the job listing and are listed as the "Job Posting Owner"), the job will be listed

    • Student & Contact Profile Page - The ability to email a student or contact directly from the profile page has been added via a "Send Email" button on the upper right corner of the profile

    • Job Listing & Events (New Filter & Column) - Added a filter and column for the "Event Manager" and the "Job Posting Owner." Available on the Event and Job Listing pages and custom reports.

    • Events (Detail Page) - Made the "Employer" name a clickable link

    • Experiential Learning (List Page) - The ability to email students and/or supervisors from the Experiential Learning list page has been added

  • Fixed

    • Experiential Learning (List Page) - Resolved an issue where the search bar would not work unless the user selected "Reset All"



February 20th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Experiential Learning (Student, Contact, Employer Profile) - Student, Contact and Employer profiles now have an "Experiences" tab listing out the associated experiential learning records.

    • Experiential Learning (Workflow) - Admins now have the ability to put an experiential learning record back to "In Progress" if it is in one of the following states:

      • Pending Final Approval

      • Needs More Information (Final)

      • Approval Denied (Final)

      • Complete

    • Experiential Learning (Supervisor) - When a student inputs an experiential learning record, the student will first need to select from an existing contact, or create a new contact, before they will see the associated supervisor fields. This eliminates the confusion over the "Supervisor" section.

    • Experiential Learning (Audit Log) - The reason for rejecting an experiential learning (either during initial or final approval) is now recorded in the audit log.


February 14th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Notes - The entire note text is now visible instead of just the snippet. Users no longer have to select the pencil icon to view the entire note.

    • Outcome Form - Chrome autofill has been disabled on the outcome form. This interfered with the auto completes that are displayed on the site, e.g., "Employer" name.

    • Student Upload Tool - Upgraded the student upload tool framework to work more reliably when uploading a large number of students. Also limited the number of records that can be uploaded in a single upload to 5,000.

  • Fixed

    • Post Grad/Internship Reported Outcome Column (Rumor Jobs Only) - This issue appeared to be an edge case but actually turned out to be more common that initially thought. The issue was that students with rumor jobs were listed as "Unreported" for the Post Grad/Internship Reported Outcome column on the Student Directory, despite having a rumor outcome. Site instances that have the setting to include rumor jobs in the reports expect rumor jobs to be considered when the column is calculated. The cause related to rumor jobs not being visible to students. Outcome status is re-calculated after any outcome change, so when the student made a change to any of their outcomes, the statuses were re-calculated without taking the rumor jobs into account. This has been resolved.

    • Application Packets - Resolved an issue that could result in documents being out of order if two or more students with the same last name were included in the packet.


February 8th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • API (Calendar Batch Events) - Improved performance of the batch calendar events API endpoint, which is used to add calendar events to the students' "My Interview Availability" calendar. No functional changes, just performance improvements.

  • Fixed

    • Attribute Configuration Tool - Resolved an issue that could result in a parent attribute failing to trigger the custom child attribute on the outcome form

    • Outcome Form (Base Salary/Stipend) - Resolved an issue that resulted in both base salary and stipend being required, instead of just one or the other


February 7th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Events - Added the ability to cancel an event. To cancel an event, go to the "Action" menu of an event and select "Cancel." Some additional notes on this new feature:

      • An event must be in one of the following states: Registration Closed, Registration Not Open, Registration Not Required, Registration Open

      • The user will then be prompted with a confirmation modal, informing them that calendar objects will be automatically removed if calendar sync is enabled for students. An automatic email notification is not sent when a cancellation occurs. To emails to students, go to the "Registered Students" tab an email all or some of the registrants.
      • For job fair event types, all employer registrations must be cancelled before the event can be cancelled.
      • A new Event Status filter, "Cancelled," is also available to track cancelled events
    • Students - Added support for śpêçìãl characters on first, middle and last name, specifically those specified in the Unicode Latin-1 Supplement for Uppercase and Lowercase characters.
  • Fixed

    • Student Upload Tool - Resolved an issue that caused the upload to "hang" permanently if a column name was invalid. The upload will now show as "invalid."

    • Attribute Configuration Tool (Appointments) - Resolved an issue that prevented attributes with parent/child relationships from showing on the book appointment form.

    • OCI & Job Listings (List Page) - Resolved an issue that caused the employer name to not show below the job title if that name was merged with another employer name.

    • OCI (OCI Settings) - Resolved an issue that prevented the "Limit the dates available to Employers to request for interview" section of an OCI round from saving completely.

    • Outcomes - Resolved an issue that could result in a students salary as showing as "Unpaid" even though the student declined to report compensation. If base salary, other compensation and guaranteed bonus are either decline to state or 0, the compensation will now show as "--"
    • Student (Background) - Resolved an issue that prevented the Consolidated Work Authorization value from being nullified when an admin would clear out an existing Detailed Work Authorization value (sets the field to "Please select a value"). The Consolidated Work Authorization value now correctly nulls out as well.


February 5th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Manage Libraries - Added the ability to reject a contact or an employer name after it has been approved. Go to the contact or employer profile page, then select "Action" "Reject."

    • Manage Users - Added 2 validations to changes to career center user accounts:

      • When deleting a career center user, the platform will now check if that career adviser is assigned to any students. If they are, prevent deletion.

      • When changing the "Assignable Adviser" yes/no field, the system will now check if that career adviser is assigned to any students. If they are, prevent changing to 'no.'

  • Fixed

    • Attributes GUI - Resolved an issue that prevented the audit log from showing correctly for standard attributes

    • Employer & Contact Profile - Resolved a UI bug that was causing the data in certain columns of the profile page to appear out of alignment

    • 12Twenty Reports - Resolved an issue that prevented data from correctly appearing for a subset of the 12Twenty Reports

January 31st, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Attribute Configuration Tool - The Attribute Configuration Tool allows you to make updates to the attributes on your platform, for example, making an attribute required, changing the help bubble text, adding a new custom attribute, and much more. For training videos and documentation, please visit the 12Twenty Academy.



January 27th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • ABA Report - Updated "Unemployed - Start Date Deferred" to "Employed - Start Date Deferred"

    • Timeout (Student) - Changed the student timeout to 60 minutes instead of 30.

    • Site Navigation - Moved the "Research Tools" navigation item up one row. All reporting functionality is now in a single group on the left side navigation.

  • Fixed

    • Calendar Sync (Webhook) - Affixed the "Room Note" to the "Location" specified in the webhook object

    • 12Twenty Reports (Student Outcome Report) - Fixed an issue that caused a calculation error when viewing multiple graduation classes at once.

    • Notifications (OCI Interview Reminder) - Affixed the "Room Note" to the "Location" specified in the reminder email

    • Advising Appointments (Appointment Limit) - Fixed an issue that could allow a student to book an appointment beyond appointment time limit specified.


January 9th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • Advising Appointments - Appointment block fields now default to the same values selected previously. Once you create an appointment block, the next appointment block will have the same selections.

    • 12Twenty Reports & Standard Reports - Added the ability to select one or more College/School, Degree Level, Degree, Program and Major filter options when running the 12Twenty reports, as well as the ability to select one or more programs when generating Standard Reports (MBA CSEA, NALP, ABA, etc.).

      • Page(s) Affected

        • 12Twenty Reports
          • Site Usage Summary
          • Student Outcomes
          • Salary Statistics by Major*
          • Salary Statistics by Career Field*
          • Salary Statistics by Employer Type*
          • Salary Statistics by Sex and Major*
          • Signing Bonus by Career Field*
          • Major Employers by Graduates*
            *Degree level only, "College School" is already multiple select and the other filters are not present
        • Standard Reports
          • MBA CSEA
          • US News & World Report
          • Bloomberg Businessweek
          • Princeton Review
          • NALP
          • ABA
  • Fixed

    • NACE Report - Fixed an issue that corrupted the NACE formatted export .xls file

    • Application Packets - Fixed an issue that caused the application packet compilation engine to fail if inactive or "non-existent" job listings were included

    • Application Packets - Fixed an issue that caused the application packet compilation engine to fail if schedules were the only documents selected

    • Outcome Data Validation - Fixed an issue that could result in deleted outcomes from appearing on the outcome data validation page

    • Custom Reports (Outcome Report) - Fixed an issue that prevented a report from loading if it contains unreported students


January 4th, 2019

  • New Features/Improvements

    • API - The following fields were added to the API:

      • Entity/Endpoint

        Display Name


        Reason for Rejecting


        # of Reserved Interview Slots


        Application Begins On


        Apply via Email


        Approved Date


        Hide Employer Name from Applicants


        Interview Format


        Job Posting Submit Date


        Is Alumni


        OCI Contact Address


        OCI Submit Date

        outcome (job)

        Seeking employment status


        Meeting Type

        outcome (job)

        Received course credit

  •  Fixed

    • Picklist GUI - Fixed an issue that prevented new picklist values from being added

    • Notes - Fixed an issue that prevented the ability for an admin to view the full text of a note

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