Excluding an Outcome from Reporting

This article will highlight how to exclude a specific outcome from standard reporting. To set general Outcome Exclusion Settings for Standard Reports, click here.

Reasons to exclude an outcome from reporting vary by school but may include:

  • The outcome has limited information

  • The outcome has possibly erroneous information that needs to be confirmed with the student

  • A student may have multiple outcomes listed that are in conflict with each other


To exclude a student’s outcome:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of the student’s profile. 

  2. Select the ellipsis icon of the outcome, and select Exclude from Reporting

  3. An Excluded from Reporting tag will now display in the outcome.

  • Please note that this will exclude the student’s outcome from the standard report, and does not exclude the student themselves from the report (i.e. it affects the student’s categorization in the standard report by ignoring the outcome that has been excluded.)

Pro tip: Excluding an outcome from reporting will remove the outcome from Standard Reports (12Twenty Reports, MBA CSEA, NALP, ABA, NACE, etc.) and Research Tools. An outcome excluded from reporting will still be available to Custom Outcome Reports.

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