Creating a Job Posting

Job Postings can be created by Career Center Users and Employer Users. Employer Users who submit a Job Posting to your site will have their post held in the "Pending Approval" status until a Career Center User Approves or Rejects their posting.


How to Create a Job Posting

  1. Select the OCI & Job Listings module from the left navigation panel

  2. Select + Post a Job

  3. A new Create Job Posting form will appear. Enter the details of the job post and then select Next
    The Job Posting Form contains the following sections:

    • Job Details
    • Application Methods
    • Job Description
    • Attachments
    • Application Documents
    • Job Dates
    • Interview Details
    • Primary Job Contact
    • Eligibility
    • Career Center Administrator
    • Job Posting Owner (For Career Center Users)
      Note: A Job Posting Owner can only be a Career Center User or a Recruiter who has a 12twenty for Employers (Employer User) Account. A Contact or Recruiter who does not have a 12twenty account with access to your site will be unable to be set as the "Job Posting Owner."

  4. For Career Centers, a new window will appear, select OK  to approve the job listing


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