Approving or Rejecting a Job Post

When Employer Users submit a job listing, the posting will remain in “Pending Approval” status until it is approved (or rejected) by a career center user.

To approve or reject a job pending job post:

  1. Select the “Notifications” option on the left of the page.

  2. Select "Job Listings".

  1. You will be directed to the “Job Listings” tabs of the “OCI & Job Listings” page, with a “Job Status = Pending Approval” filter applied, which will display all pending job listings.

  1. Select the specific job post and review the job details. Then approve or reject the job post.

  • To approve the job, select “Approve”.

  • The job post will now display a green “Approved” tag.

  • To reject the job post, select “Reject”.

  • Enter the reason for the rejection and configure the Resubmission setting. If “Allow Resubmission” is enabled employers are allowed to resubmit the job post.

  • The job post will then display a red “Rejected” tag.

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