Approving or Rejecting a Job Post

Job Postings submitted by an Employer User (Recruiter) require the approval of a Career Center User (Admin) prior to being made available to Students and Alumni. This is to ensure the quality and accuracy of Job Postings. Please follow the process outlined below to Approve, Reject, or Edit jobs submitted by Employer Users.


  1. Approving, Rejecting, and Editing Job Posts
  2. Approved Postings
  3. Rejected Postings


Approving, Rejecting, and Editing Job Posts

When an Employer User submits a Job Posting, the posting will remain in “Pending Approval” status until it is approved (or rejected) by a Career Center User.

  1. Select the Notifications option on the left of the page

  2. Select Job Listings

    Alternatively, Job Posts that are "Pending Approval" can be found via the Job and OCI Listings module by selecting "Pending Approval" from the Job Status filter.

  3. Select one of the Job Postings to Approve

  4. Make any necessary edits via Edit, Reject, or immediately Approve the Job Post


Approved Postings

Job Postings that have been Approved will show

  • "Job Posting - Application Open" for jobs that are available to apply to

  • "Job Posting - Approved" for jobs with an Application Start Date in the future

  • "Job Posting - Application Closed" for jobs where the Application period is over


Rejected Postings

Job Postings that have been Rejected will display a red "Job Posting - Rejected" tag


Job Postings that are being rejected will prompt the Career Center User with a "Reject Job Posting" modal that allows the user to include a "Reason for Rejecting" as well as the ability to allow the Employer User to resubmit their job posting. 
A "Reason for Rejecting" is not required.

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