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Student Groups are used to control a student user's access within the CSM suite of tools, and to ensure an event, appointment, or job posting is tailored to the correct student audience. A student's ability to view/apply to job postings, view/book appointments, and view/register for an event is governed by their inclusion in Student Groups. This article outlines how to create a Student Group, how to assign a student to a Student Group, and how to batch assign students to a Student Group.

How-to Create a Student Group

  1. Navigate to your Site Settings by selecting "Settings" then "Site Settings" from the left navigation panel.
  2. Select General Settings under Career Services Management
  3. Select Add A New Group under Student Group Settings
  4. An "Add Student Group" window will appear. Name the Student Group, enter an optional description, and choose if you would like the group displayed under student names across the site (i.e. students in this group will appear as John Smith - Rising Seniors).

Note: From the General Settings page of your Site Settings, you are also able to Edit or Delete existing Student Groups. To do so, use the more actions icon next to each Student Group.

How-to Assign an Individual Student to a Student Group

When adding a new student via the Manage Student Users page, admin are required to assign a student to Student Group(s) within the Create New Student User window. To assign an existing student user to a group, navigate to the Admin tab of the student's profile and select Edit next to the Student Information section. Choose the appropriate Student Group(s), and be sure to Save your changes.

Note that if you checked the "Enable display on site under student name" box for this Student Group, it will appear on the student's profile.

How-to Bulk Assign Students to a Student Group

To batch assign students to a Student Group, use the available filters on the Student Directory to find the correct audience. Use the Bulk Update Tool to then add or replace a new Student Group to the selected students.

  1. Navigate to the Student Directory 
  2. Apply filters to drill down to the appropriate group of students and select Get Results
  3. Use the Action button to select Bulk Update All. Alternatively, check a limited number of students from the results, and select Bulk Update Selected.
  4. Select Student Group as the field to be modified in the Bulk Update window.
  5. Choose to Append, Replace all values with, or Replace. "Append" will add the student group to the selected students, "Replace all values with" will remove all Student Groups the users are currently assigned to and add your selections in place of them, and "Replace" will allow you to choose to replace an assigned Student Group with a new one.
  6. Be sure to Save your changes, and a success window will appear.

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